£100 living room makeover challenge!

When the lovelies from Moneysupermarket got in touch and asked me if they could send me £100 I wasn’t going to refuse was I?

As it turns out, what they had in mind is right up my street! As many of you know I like to stick to a budget. After Kieran was born and I gave up my previous full time work to build a business that meant I could work from home, we  realised very quickly how important having a budget, and sticking to it is!

Moneysupermarket have sent me a £100 prepaid debit card. My challenge is to use the £100 in any way I want but everything I buy has to be under RRP.  I love a challenge and have decided to use my prepaid card to do a mini living room makeover. Hopefully this mini-quest will illustrate how pre-paid cards are a great way or setting and sticking to a budget but also will help me examine the ins and put and report any pros and cons of the card I have to my readers.

This is where you come in… I need to find retailer  ( online ideally as I’m limited locally) that offer sales / items less than RRP which can help me furnish my living room. Do you own a site I should look at for accessories, wall art, soft furnishings etc? Can you recommend one?

I’m hoping to use my reader knowledge to explore new and better known stores to complete this challenge, on budget and have some fun doing it.

Recommend away!

Fire cracker 4

No, this isn’t the name of the new must-see film due to hit the big screen, it is the name of the must-see (and much talked about) spring feature colour from Dulux.

Fire cracker 4 - Spring colour from Dulux

Some of you will know that I am a bit of an interior design tart. I constantly update my home with touches of colour and new accessories and spend many hours glued to the home and living channels on Sky. I love home interiors. I adore seeing how a little bit of colour can completely turn a room.
As well as browsing the TV renovation show I have been known to hit the estate agent websites for inspiration. So many interiors that I can admire or look at and try and work out what it needs to bring it to life. I’m pretty convinced that in another life I will be a very famous interior designer.

Someone representing Dulux emailed me recently about their newest feature colour, Fire Cracker 4. Often I gloss over these emails but the colour jumped out at me. Fire Cracker 4 is bright, vibrant and very exciting! Would I use it in my house? Possibly, I’m hesitating only because my home is a very traditional home built in 1880 which needs a lot of light colours for people to appreciate the size of the rooms.  I would love to see it on the estate agent websites or on DIY SOS though because I’m sure that there is a way I could incorporate it into my home!

Such a gorgeous colour which could be used for a feature wall, inside glass front cupboards, for whole rooms or half rooms if painting up to a picture rail. This is a colour that an complete transform a room. If I used it I would couple it with bold textiles and smooth lines. Funky and modern is a good way to describe this colour yet in the right room it could also turn from invigorating to calming and restful as it is a warm and very versatile colour.

Would you use Fire Cracker 4? Could you see yourself with such a bold colour in your home? Feed my interior design love and tell me what you think of this season’s key colour and if you do like it, where you would use it.

Dulux logo

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