Achica – Luxury at Budget Prices

A few weeks ago I was offered a voucher code to use on Achica so that I could browse, order and then hopefully enjoy the Achica experience.

Achica is a site cram-packed full of fabulous homewares, gifts, items for kids, personal items and pretty much anything else you can think of. It is a place where you will find expensive boutique items, top brands and more at knocked down prices. Every day new sale events start, offering you a wide range of items for usually a week at a time. Items are limited (fair enough seeing as some these items are reduced by hundreds) however this doesn’t negatively affect the shopping experience in any way.

Just some of the items on offer at Achica right now.
Just some of the items on offer at Achica right now.

The Site

Achica is a members-only site however it is free to join up and there are no fees etc. Navigating the (very attractive) site couldn’t be easier and adding items to the basket and checking out is a simple but secure process.


If you want something from Achica tomorrow you may be disappointed. As items are often sent from the individual brands and then onto Achica for checking and packaging and THEN onto you the process may take a week or two. That said the items are worth waiting for and expected delivery times are made very clear for each item when ordering.
You may track your order via the online account, I received email updates regarding my order as well as a smooth delivery with text alerts and more. Yes it took a while to get here but the money saved is worth the wait.

My Order


A microwave! Not any old microwave but a pretty microwave that would fit perfectly into my kitchen. I’ve actually been looking for one like this for ages however they’ve all been in excess of £100 (I don’t use a microwave often enough to justify that!).

This particular microwave was £110 full price if I remember right knocked down to £69.

As you can see the delivery date range is shown on the actual product page. I think it fits into my kitchen quite well!

achica micro


What do I Really Think of Achica?
Honestly I have to say I’m a fan. I’ve used it before in the past although there seems to be an even bigger range of items available now. I love the moneysaving aspect, how easy the site is to navigate and above all having the opportunity to find new and different items for the home or for gifts.

Achica asked me for an “open and honest” write-up based on my experience of this shopping review and I have to say that they deserve nothing less than 9/10 (you have to be fairly spectacular to get a 10!).


The White Company – A Box of Loveliness

I was contact some time ago and was asked whether I would like to review the odd thing from The White Company. Never one to say no to gorgeous things I agreed.
A couple of weeks later, my email conversation completely forgotten, I received  a surprise box full of fantastic things!

Click to Enlarge

Needless to say I was thrilled! I adore The White Company for their gorgeous items that are clearly well made and of course for the way that they present everything. For gifts or treats for yourself or the home this truly is a fantastic website to consider.

It appears however that I am not the only fan in this house!


Kieran (6yrs) fell in love with this Vintage Star Decoration (RRP £10) and promptly pinched it so that he could decorate his door.

The lovely Little Snowy Penguin (RRP £14) has been nabbed by 2yr old Taylor who carries it around everywhere and has introduced it to his favourite teddy Giraffe. Needless to say both are well looked after and told stories by the little man.

Fortunately I was able to hide way some goodies for myself!

This gorgeous Winter Candle (RRP £20) which is scented with cinnamon, clove and orange looks great and smells divine. Unlike some winter scented candles this one shares scent but isn’t overpowering. We’ve had this burning for hours already and visitors have commented on how lovely it smells.

Last but not least in my (everyone’s!) box of loveliness was the white lavender hand & nail cream (RRP £12). Now generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of lavender how the white lavender which is combined with lemon and neroli is simply divine. I have to be very careful what I put on my skin yet was fine with this and have been left with gorgeous feeling hands.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed the contents of our The White Company surprise box and certainly for me it has highlighted the fact that not only do I want more WC items in my home as they perfectly fit the style of our home, it also reminds me that for gifts, I needn’t look any further. Everything, including these  items, that I have received from The White Company in the past have always oozed luxury and quality which is clearly why they are so popular.

I think we may safely say that the inhabitants of the Cawood household are all The White Company fans!

*I was sent this box of goodies free of charge and was asked if I would like to review them. This write up is based purely on our own thoughts and experiences and are not in any way influenced by The White Company.