A Look Back on 2013 – But Not My 2013

I could tell you about my year but if you’ve read the blog or followed me on Facebook / Twitter you’ll have had the highlights. I’ve spent the year with my fabulous family, writing for some brilliant clients, loving living in and exploring my fabulous home in North Yorkshire.

Now, being a keen moneysaver, a fan of all things frugal, reducing waste and plain old common sense I follow a woman called Ms Jack Monroe. If you’ve never heard of her then I suggest you look her up. She shines a light on the plight of many who live below the breadline and has done some fabulous work which has helped many.

Why is Jack such a great person to follow? Asides from her fabulous budget recipes (I’m talking pennies) Jack actually knows and understands what living on a very sparse income means and so writes from a perspective that others perhaps don’t have such a clear insight into.

So, in an effort to highlight her work, share with you the fabulous resource her website is and to open a few eyes my first post of 2013 is not about my 2013, but hers. Read more here, it makes for great reading.

If you are a Tweeter you can find Jack here.


*Jack isn’t a personal friend or colleague but I admire the work that she does, applaud her attitude and have fallen in love with her kale pesto recipe. Three good reasons to points readers who haven’t heard of her in her direction.

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