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  1. Interestingly enough I was considering finding an online butcher as we spend too much in the supermarkets and would rather support real butchers and/or farmers, cutting out the middle man.
    That’s not a bad price for a month’s worth of meat. I will have to compare it from doing a bulk shop in Costco, which is another option I’m considering as I think their meat quality is quite high too.

  2. I refuse to buy supermarket meat anymore, it’s full of water and terrible quality.

    I use a local butcher based in garden centre/emporium. The meats lovely quality and they do multi buy discounts and value packs. I tend to spend about £50-60 a month too. I get sausages, joints of beef,pork and gammon, massive chickens that last for 3 meals, bacon, mince and separate chicken portions. I have to do a 10 mile round trip but having a chest freezer means I can store it for the month.

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