Out with the old in with the new?

The lovely Carol Attridge from Verynice2.com, (a top home-ware and cookware store online which seems to stock just about everything for your house), has supplied today’s post which is about social media, shopping and reader discounts. Three of my favourite things! 

New to the blogging and social media world I have found I love it! I work for a house wares company called verynice2.com and we are on a social media journey. The amazing thing about interaction on the web is the people you meet and the virtual friendships you make, connecting with people and telling each other about your lives and interests, your likes and dislikes.  It has also given retailers the opportunity to interact with customers telling them about new products they have launched like our new range of Joseph Joseph or recommending a house wares brand like Simple Human.  Although we like to think we have progressed this isn’t very different from shop keepers of days gone by; the corner shop owner would have known his customers well, their extended families and their likes and dislikes. He would have recommended new products, special offers and known which products his customers favoured. Does this sound familiar? It’s not unlike the opportunity that social media gives us today, there are so many choices in the market place that we could all do with a helping hand to point us in the right direction when choosing our next purchase, or enjoy exchanging comments with retailers and other customers who have bought the same item we are looking at.

Because busy mums and working women have less and less free time the internet has become the place to shop and chat often late at night, but we don’t want to do this at the expense of relationships, even cyber ones.  At Verynice2.com we would like to start a relationship with the mums and women shopping into the wee small hours by offering a 10% discount between the hours of 10pm-11.55pm, just use the discount code mums10 at checkout to receive your discount.

Life has moved on in so many ways since the days of the corner shop when it was important to know your customer well and loyalty was essential, but we haven’t moved on in the respect that we still need to communicate, to find out the news in the community, have our likes and dislikes noted so we can be served with what we want or need, the relationship between shop keeper and customer isn’t a new thing it’s just conducted in a new way, it is a valuable one for us all.

So next time you are clicking the like button or commenting on a blog of your favourite website spare a thought for the shop keepers of days gone by we are not so different after all!


*Content supplied by Verynice2.com who have contributed to the upkeep and progression of Curly&Candid

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