Dear So and So – 6/1/12

Dear Gardening Fans,

I apologise to all of you who found my blog this week by Googling gardening related search terms and ended up on my post titled “The Lady Garden“.

No Alan Titchmarsh here folks, move on!

Her who would love to say she is ashamed but would be lying.


Dear the person who sent me a long email in response to the above mentioned post.

I know you say you are a woman but I think we know different.

Weird, just weird!

Her who is not easily shocked so it was a wasted effort.


Dear Teething

Back for round two I see, thanks! (written with mild sarcasm).

The 13m old is no less arsey now than he was when the first lot came through at 6 months.

Her who is covered in dribble


Dear People who have not paid their invoices from 2011.

You will be hearing from me this week and I will have my “I am not amused” tone on.

You have been warned,

Her who thinks it would be easier if you just coughed up!


Dear 2012

I do believe I am kicking your arse so far this year. On with the slimming and being healthier (and exercise if kinect can count), and with several new clients and exciting projects already.

Do I get a shiny badge?

Her who likes shiny badges.


Dear all who read Curly & Candid

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a cracking Christmas and have hit the ground running now everything is back to “normal”.

There will be lots of new stuff for you to read, ponder over and mostly laugh at in 2012 so if you don’t want to miss out be a doll and subscribe via either email, a reader or NetworkedBlogs (see the side bars). Google Friend Connect is being discontinued in March so I wouldn’t bother clicking that 🙂


Dear So and So...

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  1. Ah this made me laugh so much, I have never seen this meme before. I love it when I discover a new blog that has me in stitches, can’t wait to read more! x

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