The Day My Heart Stood Still #Meningitis

Friday started off as a normal day but ended up anything but!

When I went to change Taylor just before his lunch, his legs were covered in a purple pin-prick rash. I rang the GP and was in with the Doctor 10 minutes later. The GP took one look and called in a colleague, they nodded at each other and rang an emergency ambulance. A nurse came in to give Taylor an antibiotic injection and before I knew it we were racing to the hospital with siren on & blue light flashing.

I have never been so frightened in all my life!

Taylor wasn’t unwell in himself it was just the rash that wouldn’t blanch / disappear under a glass. Tests and observations, and finally the all clear at 9.30pm. A truly horrible day for the family (Taylor didn’t seem to be too concerned, I have to say! Even when a canula was put in for bloods he barely moved) but my heart was quite literally in my stomach. It turned out to be something or nothing but as it presented as Meningitis initially every precaution was taken.

I cannot thank the GP, ambulance and hospital staff enough. Although it turned out not to be meningitis, it could have done and the swift actions of them all could very well have saved his life. Not an easy thought, but true.

I know the signs of meningitis – but do you? Please take a minute to re-familiarise yourself with them. (The signs for older children and adults can be found on the Meningitis Trust website by clicking on the picture).

Taken from the Meningitis Trust website

A horrible day, followed by a shaky weekend (I kept bursting into tears randomly – the worst being on Sunday afternoon walking across Tesco car-park with him when an ambulance flew past) and waking up every 15minutes in order to check on him through the night. Now it is Tuesday and I’m knackered, behind but ever so thankful.

If I never have to put one of my kids in an emergency ambulance again…. it’ll be too soon.


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  1. So glad Taylor was given all clear. I can totally understand how it feels. My little one had pneumonia that ended up being life threatening for her. The fabulous team in the hospital brought her out of that nadir in 10 days. They were the longest 10 days of my life and I was shaken for the next whole month. There are so many amazing parents out here with babies who are not well, and I want to send a special hug to each one of you.

    1. They really were amazing, no hesitation as it presented as meningitis, had it been then their quick and decisive actions would have most likely have saved his life.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Happy to read it wasn’t what meningitis.

    Awareness is so important, as it is so hard to recognise.
    Some children don’t even get the rash.

    We had a scare like that last winter and we were lucky to, but the whole ordeal makes shivers go up my spine when thinking about it.

    Hope you you will be able to relax a bit now and recover.

    1. It really does turn you inside out doesn’t it.
      I was told at the hospital (after the all clear) that they in the process of trying to make a vaccination of Men B (Men C is now routinely given as part of the immunisations on the NHS but “B” isn’t). It’s a horrible illness I’d be very happy to see erradicated!

  3. I’m glad he’s okay. We’ve had a non blanching rash here too. DD1 was 3 though, so getting blood out of her was a performance and a half. Like you, I’d rather not repeat the experience.

    1. I bet – Taylor was pretty good considering all the fuss etc. They put a canula in to get all the bloods they needed but it was quickly done and finished.

  4. {{{hugs}}} Nicky, can totally understand that feeling, happened with my youngest. Thank goodness he is ok, and you know what ? Because you knew the right things to look for and you reacted quickly, he would have been ok anyway. Well done you x x x

    1. Thank you lovely. I don’t mind admitting my heart really was in my throat as soon as I spotted it 🙁
      I’m surprised how common these scares (that thankfully turn out ok) are. I hadn’t realised!

  5. OMG Im soo glad it was nothing when I saw the title I panicked!!

    Glad everything is well, give Taylor and yourself a hug for me.

    Monica xx

  6. My heart was in my mouth just reading this. Every parent’s worse nightmare. Well done on dealing with it so promptly yourself and for sharing your story (and the info) with us.
    I’m glad little Taylor is ok.

    xx Jazzy

  7. Sorry you had to go throughthis but very good to have the symptoms here for us all to read. Very important. I hope the shock is wearing off and you can get back to normality.

    1. Pretty much back to normal. I’m fairly laid back usually but random bursts of tears have followed after we got him home and “all clear” -partly tiredness, partly the “What if” factor which isn’t so easy to shake sometimes. Now we are all settled, I just can’t bear to let him out of my sight.

      I can hope with a bit of worry now I know all is actually ok.

  8. OMG I was actually filling up reading this. I am so glad it all turned out OK for you! xxx
    It is scary but looking at the symptoms, Thomas has had some of them at the same time. I always think I am being over protective in taking him to the doctors as you think they will think you are wasting their time… believe me I have never visited the docs so much since Thomas was born (with one thing and another) but I don’t really care. I would rather be safe than sorry.

  9. That’s awful – I’m so pleased he’s OK though. I know exactly what you mean about feeling weepy, you stay so strong while you’re dealing with things but afterwards you just feel like you’ve got nothing left. Give your boys and extra cuddle from me and have one for yourself too x x

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