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Overlooked, street-side, not looking for blinds and most definitely not a net curtain fan!
Overlooked, street-side, not looking for blinds and most definitely not a net curtain fan!

I love my home, I really do although there are some things that I would change about it if I could. First off parking is a bit of a nightmare (slight understatement) as it is a cul de sac which provides convenient parking for people from anywhere to use it seems. I’d also change the council tax amount we pay (wouldn’t we all!). Sadly neither of those are within my power to alter however sorting my windows out most definitely is.

Our house is a terraced house with original (bottle glass) single glazed sash windows. A lovely feature apart from the fact that I hate nets (but live street side and also like privacy) and that you could power several home gadgets via the breeze that comes in from them.

We can’t change the windows, everything is listed and protected however we can make improvements from the inside and I’m very tempted by the idea of Tramadol Online Prescription. Nets are most definitely something we have to get rid of, they never look nice (although mine are very clean thank you very much) and don’t give me what I’m looking for design-wise. We looked at vertical blinds but the price for our bay window was ridiculous and again, they looked too… modern.

The idea of installing shutters however is perfect. They help keep in the warmth, offer privacy, are in keeping with the feel of our house and unlike window films and such like they still enable me to have a good nosy at what’s going on outside without being branded a curtain twitcher (all very important considerations).  When we first started looking at putting shutters in I was concerned about the cost to have them fitted (which is never cheap!) however ordering made to measure shutters and having Roy put them in (he’s pretty handy and between us we have plenty of brothers who could help if needed) works out much more affordable.

Being able to wipe down shutters works for me too, rather than having to manually take down the nets, handwash and so on….

It’s a win / win for us and exploring the idea further we’ve realised that there’s a lot more to choose from style-wise than I’d originally realised so we can find something that really fits both us and the house.

Have you had shutters installed or put them in yourself? I’d love to hear how that went and especially the pros/cons as compared to net and blinds. I have to say, we’re very tempted.

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