What’s Your Pleasure?

Keep it clean all of you who are now letting your mind wander to weekends away with your favourite celeb!

Today I’m asking what you would say is the thing that is your indulgence, your naughty pleasure or your treat. The obvious answer for most of us would be time with our families, date night with the partner etc but I’m thinking something that’s just for you.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke (10 years off the cigs in November) and I have something of a home bod however there are still plenty of things I can (and do) enjoy and five of these are listed below.

  1. Walking
    Boring I know but sometimes I just want to grab my boots, camera (phone) and set off out for a walk, taking pictures or just enjoying the fresh air. Sometimes I go alone, sometimes we walk as a family. Fortunately we live in a gorgeous area in North Yorkshire on the edge of the N Yorks Moors so have plenty of fabulous walks around us to enjoy.


  1. Reading
    There’s nothing better at the end of a hard day after the kids have gone to bed than getting into my baggies, grabbing a blanket and the sofa (or snuggling down into freshly washed bed sheets) and getting engrossed into a good book. I’ve read some corkers recently, one being the Photographer’s Wife by Nick Alexander and Daughter by Jane Shemilt. Do comment below if you have any recommendations!


  1. Cookery
    I’m very fond of cookery and love my kitchen. I like challenging myself to create new and inventive recipes and at the moment have an on-going love affair with my vegetable spiralizer (I will blog more about this at some point!).

Veggies Noodles

  1. Gaming
    I live in Thirsk which has its own very popular racecourse (horse racing) and yet I’ve never actually been to the races! I’m more of a sit at home in your PJs (there’s a common theme here) and enjoy a flutter kinda gal. I’m not a die-hard gambling expert or anything however do enjoy the odd game here and there on sites such as Euro Palace and if I win some, all the better (and all the more to spend on my other indulgences). I used to enjoy the National Lottery and some of their games however gave that up when they put all of the prices up – tsk!


  1. Pinterest
    I am very much a Pinterest tart and can happily send relaxed hours pinning and viewing my own and other users’ boards. My main interests are anything interior design / homes related, vintage stuff, amusing things and basically anything that comes under the label “pretty”. You can find my boards here (do share yours!).



These are probably my five main pleasures or indulgences at the moment, what are yours?

You don’t have a driving licence?!

You’ll need to have a driving licence when you have the baby you know!

I remember being told this when I was pregnant with Kieran. Yes folks, I am a non-driver. I always meant to learn and probably could have afforded it when I was 17, despite Roy & I getting our first house together then. It just didn’t seem a priority then, and as time went on, bills went up and spare time grew shorter.  So here I am, a mum of two who doesn’t drive. Goodness, how do I cope?! Some people are aghast that I’ve never learned to drive. I did take lessons when Kieran was younger but then Christmas came along and I vowed to pick them up again.. but didn’t! Besides, I love walking and fresh air certainly hasn’t done the kids any harm so far!

How do you manage” is the common  question. Well public transport isn’t my favourite means of traveling but it’s there and it’s to be used. If you are savvy you can get about quite easily, even in a rural-ish areas such as Thirsk. I have a weekly shop delivered most weeks which is convenient and saves me a fortune (apart from my meat which I get on the market). We have a good range of independent shops in Thirsk so can get most things we need here but for bigger items and christmas shopping (etc) I do most of my shopping online and would do even if I could drive, it’s easier and cheaper for these things.

The insinuation that the kids miss out or that I must find it “difficult to cope” annoys the hell out of me to be honest. Roy drives so we do get out and about, but on a daily basis we do just fine! My Mum raised six of us without a driving licence, we didn’t miss out, and she didn’t have a breakdown as a result of it.  I don’t drive because at this stage, having never had a licence, it no longer interests me. Am I bad Mum, lazy? Perhaps as some kindhearted people have hinted, I’m too used to being “looked after” by Roy (THIS DOESN’T PISS ME OFF AT ALL). Clearly it is impossible to be a strong independent person without the ability to drive?

Perhaps I should be grateful that people seem to care so much about my mobility?