What’s Your Pleasure?

Keep it clean all of you who are now letting your mind wander to weekends away with your favourite celeb!

Today I’m asking what you would say is the thing that is your indulgence, your naughty pleasure or your treat. The obvious answer for most of us would be time with our families, date night with the partner etc but I’m thinking something that’s just for you.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke (10 years off the cigs in November) and I have something of a home bod however there are still plenty of things I can (and do) enjoy and five of these are listed below.

  1. Walking
    Boring I know but sometimes I just want to grab my boots, camera (phone) and set off out for a walk, taking pictures or just enjoying the fresh air. Sometimes I go alone, sometimes we walk as a family. Fortunately we live in a gorgeous area in North Yorkshire on the edge of the N Yorks Moors so have plenty of fabulous walks around us to enjoy.


  1. Reading
    There’s nothing better at the end of a hard day after the kids have gone to bed than getting into my baggies, grabbing a blanket and the sofa (or snuggling down into freshly washed bed sheets) and getting engrossed into a good book. I’ve read some corkers recently, one being the Photographer’s Wife by Nick Alexander and Daughter by Jane Shemilt. Do comment below if you have any recommendations!


  1. Cookery
    I’m very fond of cookery and love my kitchen. I like challenging myself to create new and inventive recipes and at the moment have an on-going love affair with my vegetable spiralizer (I will blog more about this at some point!).

Veggies Noodles

  1. Gaming
    I live in Thirsk which has its own very popular racecourse (horse racing) and yet I’ve never actually been to the races! I’m more of a sit at home in your PJs (there’s a common theme here) and enjoy a flutter kinda gal. I’m not a die-hard gambling expert or anything however do enjoy the odd game here and there on sites such as Euro Palace and if I win some, all the better (and all the more to spend on my other indulgences). I used to enjoy the National Lottery and some of their games however gave that up when they put all of the prices up – tsk!


  1. Pinterest
    I am very much a Pinterest tart and can happily send relaxed hours pinning and viewing my own and other users’ boards. My main interests are anything interior design / homes related, vintage stuff, amusing things and basically anything that comes under the label “pretty”. You can find my boards here (do share yours!).



These are probably my five main pleasures or indulgences at the moment, what are yours?

One for My Gamer Friends: A Mix between a MMORPG and a Facebook-Type Game?

Once upon a time I suppose I could have called myself a gamer. I’m a keen Diablo fan (although none of the more recent versions are as good in my opinion as the original), I played the first Star Wars online (stimpacks ahoy) for ears until Jump to Light Speed came out and it all went to pot and no-one is as good at Boulder Dash on the C64 than me, no-one.

Roy is the true gamer in the house. He has a properly optimised pc for his online games (which no-one must download anything onto under the pain of death / a severe frowning at) and his Xbox 360 is much used, when it hasn’t been borrowed so the 8 years old can play Minecraft.

No, I’m not the gamer I once was; I just don’t have the time. Between working full-time from home around the kids and enjoying non-digital family fun there doesn’t seem to be time to enjoy gaming as part of my leisure time as I once did and besides, it would take so long to level up, only playing for a half an hour here and there that it wouldn’t seem worth it.

So far I’ve avoided the app-type games such as Angry Birds and the like as they really don’t do much for me and clog up the mobile however I have been introduced to something a little different which has caught my gamer’s eye.  To me www.casinosagafans.com looks like the perfect in-between gaming situation which means not trying to get my fix from watching the kid’s games and not flogging a dead horse trying to play more intense games which take up too much time.

I have to say the idea of being able to play with dragons, kings, dwarves and a number of other fantasy characters appeals to me and of course I have posted before about being a fan of online bingo and other casino-type games where I enjoy the odd flutter here and there. With Casino Saga it seems I am able to enjoy gaming which captures my imagination and yet doesn’t take up my entire evening while playing a wide variety of different games, all of which help me unlock the mystery of the Golden Crown (cue fantasy-themed dramatic music).

More MMORPG than Candy Crush (I never could bring myself to try CC!) this type of gaming has started to become popular with gamers like myself who are not adverse to pay to play games (just as well when you consider the amount we’ve spent on game subscriptions and all sorts in the past!)and as with any other casino game you can of course make some winnings as well as progressing through the game.

If you are a gamer, does this type of platform appeal to you? Already popular I think it could become a whole new way of gaming for adults who don’t have the time to dedicate to full online games such as World of Warcraft etc, time will tell.

I am certainly interested and might just take the plunge one of these evenings!