Leisure Time

Yes, leisure time. I am Mum to two young boys, I work full time from home, I have a gorgeous house to run (thankfully I also have a wonderful husband to help me out here!) and there is always something else to keep me busy. Recently I have altered my working hours though so that I am able to do all of this and even squeeze in a bit of “me” time.

Friend have told me that I need to get out more. Go for a drink, a run (unlikely) or maybe even join a club of some sort. As well meaning as these wonderful people are, at the end of the day if I haven’t an urgent piece of copy to write for an impossibly tight deadline and the boys are all clean, warm, comfy and asleep all I want to do is flop!

My evenings off are precious and instead of gathering the energy together to drag myself out of the house again I choose one of the following:

TV time with the Hubby
Fortunately Roy and I enjoy (mostly) the same type of movies and TV shows. Sci-fi, crime, drama and all that sort of stuff is just our sort of thing. Walking Dead, The Following, pretty much anything from Alibi, Game of Thrones (roll on April!) and for me NCIS, Call the Midwife or anything remotely period drama is just perfect when cuddled up on the sofa with buckets of coffee.

Online Games
I’m not a big gamer as such however do enjoy the odd hour playing bingo games. I’d be no good in a real casino but online bingo can be a bit of a laugh, even the free games and I find them quite relaxing.

I love to read. Whether it is my Kindle or a “proper” book that grabs me doesn’t matter, there is nothing quite like losing yourself in a good story. Again, I like a variety of genres from crime, psychological thrillers, chic lit and historical books. There is something almost sinful about sneaking off upstairs to climb into bed at 8pm and read for a couple of hours before bed.

This isn’t something that many people would call relaxing however I love cooking. Baking is more Roy’s department but making soups, stews and all manner of fancy foods is something I find fun and actually quite relaxing. I do occasionally spend a couple of hours on an evening batch cooking and then freeze everything for those busy days when I don’t fancy cooking or simply don’t have time.

You would think that spending most of my time online for work purposes I’d be glad to see the back of my laptop at the end of the day. Working online and playing online are two very different things though. I love pinterest and reading blogs, especially thrifty, foodie and interior design ones. I’m something of a social media junkie and can happily spend an hour or so jumping between platforms enjoying the content that I find and chatting with people. I also seem to spend a fair bit of time window shopping too. Thankfully I pin more than I purchase.

Friends think I’m missing out but right now, a quiet night in enjoying any of these pastimes is exactly what I look forward to at the end of the day. How do you spend your leisure time?

Leisure Time

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Things that really annoy me on TV!

I have a sore throat, am having bad hair day and bits of my shed roof keep flying off in the wind. I need to lash out to ease my tantrumy temper so today’s target is the TV!

To name a few things on/about tv that pee me off…….

  • Jessica from Murder She Wrote…. who would want to be her friend? Seriously!? All of her friends end up dead or accused of being/actually are murderers, and Diagnosis Murder, just how many murders can one non-police doctor get involved in before someone realises he could very well be a mass murderer and him and his cop son (convenient eh!) cover up all the crimes by framing someone else. It’s OBVIOUS!
  • On Independence Day (The Will Smith film that DOESN’T show his naked bum… that is iRobot) we are told the aliens don’t have vocal chords, yet when the nuclear bomb/virus thingy is upload to the mothership, the alien in the control room gulps and makes a little squeak noise before being blown up. INCONSISTENCIES!
  • Changing theme-tunes – why? Pick one and stick with it! How many times has the Neighbours theme-tune been changed, or Eastenders? It’s just confusing, it should stop. new guidelines should state producers need to pick on and stick to it!
Look at that face... definite undercover serial killer!

Honestly, its almost enough to make me turn the tv off – what things on/about TV really annoy you?