Things that really annoy me on TV!

I have a sore throat, am having bad hair day and bits of my shed roof keep flying off in the wind. I need to lash out to ease my tantrumy temper so today’s target is the TV!

To name a few things on/about tv that pee me off…….

  • Jessica from Murder She Wrote…. who would want to be her friend? Seriously!? All of her friends end up dead or accused of being/actually are murderers, and Diagnosis Murder, just how many murders can one non-police doctor get involved in before someone realises he could very well be a mass murderer and him and his cop son (convenient eh!) cover up all the crimes by framing someone else. It’s OBVIOUS!
  • On Independence Day (The Will Smith film that DOESN’T show his naked bum… that is iRobot) we are told the aliens don’t have vocal chords, yet when the nuclear bomb/virus thingy is upload to the mothership, the alien in the control room gulps and makes a little squeak noise before being blown up. INCONSISTENCIES!
  • Changing theme-tunes – why? Pick one and stick with it! How many times has the Neighbours theme-tune been changed, or Eastenders? It’s just confusing, it should stop. new guidelines should state producers need to pick on and stick to it!
Look at that face... definite undercover serial killer!

Honestly, its almost enough to make me turn the tv off – what things on/about TV really annoy you?

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  1. The women on tv that are portrayed as the perfect mum not a hair out of place, come on really mums don’t always look like that . I know I don’t I look frazzled and stressed

  2. Hm, there are probably a million things that annoy me about TV but I don’t really watch any (that’s probably why!) When I did used to watch neighbours it annoyed me the way girls would wake up with perfectly “natural” makeup (clearly trowelled on) and also what is with bra-wearing under your pyjama vest tops. Seriously, sleeping is the only time the boobs are allowed to be liberated, why do women in TV shows always supposedly sleep with their bras on. And why doesn’t anyone ever REALLY eat anything? I have to go back to work now 🙂

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