15 Craft Business Ideas for 2018

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Do you have a passion for arts and crafts? There are so many different craft business ideas and opportunities that allow you to share your crafting skills in a variety of different ways.

Let us have a look at 15 best craft business ideas to get you started.

Handmade Kitchen Gloves

You can always start with the handmade kitchen gloves, add the labels and sell them on Etsy or any other online selling platform. The material for it can be bought from the market and buying in large amounts would get you discounts. Of course, with creativity added, you can sell them at good prices. People prefer creativity along with quality nowadays and few markets these days sell both at a reasonable price.

Handmade Jewellery

If you love making jewellery, you could find yourself sitting on a lucrative business venture. Making handmade jewellery and selling it online is a great way to supplement your income. People love unique gift ideas or unique piece of jewellery.

Drapes and Curtains

If you enjoy interior designing, you’d better get going. Start designing curtains and drapes today.


Awaken your inner fashion designer this coming year and make cash. You can design dresses sitting at home and sell them via Facebook or perhaps your blog.

Handmade Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are forever loved. You can buy leather and create artsy and designer jackets that are sold in no other outlets.


Many of us, are big suckers for hats. You can craft different types of hats such as beanies, beret hats, fedora hats etc.

Silk/Chiffon Scarves

Making dreamy scarfs is the next best thing in the world. Scarfs are a requirement where there are coats or jackets worn.


Being a woman or a man you probably know the utmost importance of handbags or wallets.


Whether the winters are coming or not. Gloves are considered an important hand wears too many ladies and men who ride bikes. You’ll be doing them a great favour as well as your pocket.


If all seems vain, you may as well knit socks and sell them. A lot of people love handmade socks as they keep you warm. You can make them in order.

Artsy Masks

Masks make perfect gifts for wear or decoration. If you need inspiration, check beautiful masks at Carnival of Venice. You can find some interesting patterns.

Couch Cushions

You can either make handmade knitted cushions or silk ones.  


People are heads over heels in love with quilts. Why not? Everyone likes to show off once in a while. After all, they carry class.


If you know weaving there’s a good chance you can weave some amazing carpets and earn good money.


Yes, you can always craft beautiful handkerchiefs and sell them away at good prices.


Do you have any other craft business ideas to share? Creativity is a well that never goes dry and there are so many clever, skilled and craft people out there!


How to Prepare for Fashion Week

fashionWith the international fashion shows season just around the corner, you need to be organised if you plan on attending. These top tips for the fashionistas amongst you will help to ensure that you have everything that you need before your alarm clock goes on the day of departure.

Pack in advance
You will have items that are necessary to take: laptop, hard drive, camera, business cards and chargers, and those that you would like to take such as books and comfy sweaters. Remember to pack any toiletries into plastic bags, you do not want any spillages onto your clothes. Your clothes: you will more than likely have been fretting about what to wear for several weeks ahead of the fashion show, and while you will be tempted to keep adding items to your bag, it is important that you don’t exceed the weight limit for your carrier.

Each item that you select must be able to be worn in a multitude of ways, for example, turtlenecks can be worn with slip dresses, undershirts, with skirts or trousers. Remember that accessories can transform the same outfit, and are lighter to pack and carry. Check the weather before you leave, Paris, for example, is notably warmer at this time of year than New York, London or Milan, and so you need to pack accordingly.

Before your departure day, make sure that you have arranged transport from the airport to your hotel, and that you have the necessary details to access it. You may be tired from travelling when you arrive, and the last thing that you will want to have to try and arrange is transport to your hotel. Your return flight is another issue, and you have time to consider all options, but arriving in a city to go to an area that you are not familiar with is another story.

Your travel clothes
Make sure that you are comfortable when you are traveling. To avoid having to pack your large winter coat and risk creasing it, wear your coat to travel in. It will also double up as a blanket to keep you warm during your flight, and as people have a tendency to get tearful on flights, you will be grateful for the additional comfort!

Airport check-in
Take full advantage of checking-in for your flight ahead of arriving at the airport. Not only will you avoid the queues of people, but you will be able to get through passport control and security without stressing about the time that it invariably takes you. You will be able to arrive at your departure gate in good time to have a drink, and read a book or catch up with sporting events on the Unibet blog before you have to board.

Once you have arrived at your destination and booked into your hotel, you can exhale. The temptation will be to get right out there and soak up the Fashion Week vibes, but remember that you have all week, and you need to pace yourself to make the most of it! Have a wonderful time!


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