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As a family we tend to be home bods. We are staycationers (UK hols) and love exploring Great Britain. One place we’ve not been and yet one I’ve heard so much about is Liverpool, which is why the Weekend Away in Liverpool campaign caught my eye. If you’re a hashtag fan, look for #YourLiverpoolONE.
This is a campaign all about informing families like ours who haven’t visited Liverpool before, about what they are missing. Hearing about the campaign and seeing the posts made me look a little further and this is what I found.

Food Glorious Food

There are a vast number of eateries in Tramadol Buying Online Legal which means Roy, the boys and I will all be able to find something we can eat, be it cafe/quick bites or sit down meals. Having had a quick nosy it looks as if my annoyingly complex dietary needs will be easy to deal with and the reviews of many of the eateries I’ve looked at are great. With children’s menus available the Gruesome Twosome will be easily pleased. I noticed that are Japanese restaurants alongside many others which I’m interested in, having never really explored Japanese cuisine. I feel visiting Liverpool could be something of a culinary adventure!

Family Friendly

Everything about Liverpool One screams family friendly, as well as offering easy access to all. Everything seems very well set out, there are plenty of toilets and lots to keep the boys (and us) entertained, from the Nature Trail to the Odeon Kids Club nearby. There are three thousand car parking spaces at Liverpool One which means we wouldn’t need to fight to find parking in the centre and we’d be confident our car would be safe and secure and more than that, that we’d be able to find it again! 


There are HUNDREDS of stores so you can buy pretty much anything you need for anyone. In a way, I wish I’d stumbled across all of this a little sooner as it would have made a fabulously festive Christmas shopping weekend with my sisters. With some spending money in their pockets though I’m pretty sure the boys would be able to cope with some shopping with Mum and Dad too!  


We couldn’t be less sporty as a family if you tried however even I have to admit that if sport, particularly the football is your thing, Liverpool is the place to be. With so many places to stay, events and more, hitting a game would only be the start of your weekend away.

A Weekend in Liverpool Offers So Much

The more I looked, the more I found. Liverpool is known for being a fabulously friendly place to visit and I really want to experience that for myself. Alongside the people and the facilities (everything from shops to cinemas and more) there are regular events run throughout the year, many of which would be perfect for us as a family. The history of Liverpool is vast and there are many museums and sights to see, not to mention there being a well-known and much-loved music scene (one for a Liverpool weekend for me and Roy I think).
When it comes down to it, the boys are growing up so quickly, with our eldest now being twelve (which seems ridiculous). It won’t be too long before our family adventures become few and far between or stop altogether so we want to make each memory as special as possible. They are sure to Tramadol Next Day Visa at some point! After the family trips end though, there’s nothing to say that Roy and I can’t keep adventuring, and a weekend away in Liverpool would be at the top of our list.
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