5 Ways To Pass Time In An Airport

5 Ways To Pass Time In An Airport

Although travelling is incredibly exciting, waiting in an airport is not. Whether you’re sitting through a layover or you like to get to the airport extra early, finding ways to pass the time at an airport is essential. You might like to spend your time watching the planes take off, or catching up on podcasts or articles such as this one discussing truth about the infamous gentle giant Robert Wadlow. Don’t waste time on being bored or feeling frustrated, ensure you have plenty of things to do if you get stuck or delayed.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways to pass time in an airport: 

Enjoy Something To Eat Or Drink


If you’re looking for something to eat and you want to pass the time, airports have plenty of places for you to grab a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking for something quick or you want to sit and enjoy your meal, in most airports you will find a wide range of options. If you are planning on eating when you get to the airport, it might be worth researching what your options are going to be beforehand – especially if you’re travelling from a small airport or have dietary restrictions. 

Although most places have a wide selection, there are a number of airports that have nothing at all. For a guide to the best airports for food and drink, you can visit this site here. 


Play Games On Your Phone At The Airport


One of the best ways to pass time when it comes to spending time at the airport is to play games on your phone. Yes, we are all supposed to be unplugging more and enjoying our life experiences but you aren’t going to miss too much at an airport. If games are your thing, get some downloaded, make sure you have plenty of battery/a charger to hand and play instead of clock watching.


Catch Up On Social Media


As you’re going to be jumping on a plane with no WiFi for a number of hours, airports are a great place to spend time catching up on your social media channels. Whether you’re tagging yourself in on Facebook or watching all of your friends latest Instagram stories, you’ll be surprised how fast time will go when you’re mindlessly scrolling. 


Buy A Brainteaser Or Puzzle Book For The Airport


If you want to put your phone down and do something different whilst you wait, buying a brainteaser or puzzle book is a great option. With various different puzzles to choose from you could occupy yourself for hours. If you get stuck, you might want to consider using tools to help. Whether it’s a calculator or a word unscrambler, a little bit of help never hurt anyone. This might seem old school but it does the job!


Watch TV Shows And Movies


Another great way to pass the time in an airport is to watch TV shows and movies on your phone, tablet or laptop. If you have a long journey ahead of you, you can even download them so you can carry on watching once you get on the plane. 

Do you have a long layover coming up soon? Or do you like to get to the airport super early? What can you do to help pass the time before your flight? Let me know your ideas in the comments section below.