Organic Baby Shopping

As I may have mentioned once or twice my sister is having her first baby soon and I am ridiculously excited about this. This is not just the first baby from one of my sisters; this is my first niece on my side of the family.

I thoroughly enjoyed shopping for my two boys however when buying for your own soon-to-arrive babies you find yourself enjoying it slightly less than buying for others as you get bogged down in the practical rather than the fun and the pretty. Buying for someone else’s baby, that is a whole new experience.

Another site I have discovered on my travels is Little Green Sheep and this site appeals to me not just because of the reasonably priced goods but also the wealth of healthy and organic items. When buying for Taylor (three in November – where does the time go?), I opted for more organic-type clothing, bedding etc and am glad I did as it turns out he has sensitive skin, very sensitive when he was a baby although better now and I had to be very careful what touched his skin, what I used to do washing etc.

This site seems to be the one-stop shop for all things organic and natural and I do wish I’d found it when my two were babies. These baby sheepskins for example are delightful and are on my list of “could buy for Lady D” (Lady D is the name my sister and her husband have given her little one so we have something to call her as they won’t give in and tell us the name yet!).

We are very lucky now to have such a great choice of websites and stores when it comes to buying for babies and children, I’m certainly having fun browsing them 🙂

Organic Baby Items


*This post was written in collaboration with the mentioned business yet is true to my own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

PlayMais – Fantastic, Affordable, Fun! #PhotoReview

We were sent a PlayMais World -Sea set to review just before the half term (great timing!). Playmais is 100% natural, eco-friendly and made from sweetcorn and food dyes and is a fantastic alternative playdough and other modelling materials. The packs vary in size, starting at just £2.99. The Sea World set we are reviewing retails at £16.99, and you get 1000 pieces, scenery, a child-friendly knife, instructions and more.

We are big fans of PlayMais and here is why:

The box is crammed full with over 1000 pieces but really caught my eye was the lack of packaging. This is a good thing... I hate wasteful packaging!
The box comes with scenery boards which can be built up for your child to display their models on. The scenery comes with instructions but it was just too much for me & Daddy had to take over. We struggled with the scenery but it's worth noting that Kieran opened the box the second time and just slotted it together. Humph. Perhaps it's not that complicated then?
Kieran loved using this safe (also eco-friendly) cornstarch knife to "cut" the blocks into different shapes. No glue in needed to put the shapes together, as the set comes with a little cloth you rinse and wring out. Rubbing the sides/end of a block on the water cloth is enough to make it sticky enough to bond with another piece.
The box states this set is for age 5+. Kieran is 5yrs in 3wks and could use it fine but found the instructions challenging. Instead, he used his imagination - this is Cyril the Sea Snake, as modelled by Kieran. This set really is suitable for a variety of ages from 4/5yrs up.
Yes, it's suitable for kids of all ages.....!
Just an illustration to show you just how much you do get in the box! The blocks aren't sticky so won't mix, dry out and get messy like dough or modelling clay so everything can literally get thrown back in the box for easy tidy-ups.
HOURS! Kieran & Daddy played for hours, Kieran and his friends have played for hours, me and Kieran have played for hours, Kieran has played on his own with these for hours.... I love PlayMais!
As you don't use glue you can stick the blocks to anything, the scenery, pot plants, photo frames... great for taking the kid's creations to a new level. Once dried up I have been able to easily remove blocks from each other for reuse
I have to include this or Daddy will be upset. Daddy created Terrance the Turtle using the step by step instructions. Didn't he do well!?

So how did the PlayMais get rated by our star judge?

A big thumbs up for PlayMais!

A great new craft experience for us and a wonderful gift idea!

You can see more about PlayMais on their website and don’t forget to visit them on Facebook!

*We were sent a Playmais set to test and review. Our findings are our own and are not influenced by PlayMais at all. PlayMais also holds no liability for the quality of my photography (!) and cannot be blamed for my inability to read scenery instructions.