Doing More for Yourself

Doing More for Yourself

Doing more for yourself should be something that is taught in school because as adults so many of us are rubbish at it. Move over Pythagoras Theorem and hello self-care 101. Doing more for yourself and making sure that you have time for yourself is really important these days. Life is busy and stressful, so many people find it very difficult to find the time and energy to dedicate their own needs. However, you definitely should try to find that time and do more for yourself because if you don’t, only you will suffer in the end. So why is doing more for yourself such an important matter? Why should you care? 

You’re in Control of Your Own Destiny

When you’re an adult your life often feels in some way constricted by the million and one responsibilities we have. That said you’re the one in control of your life, so if you don’t give yourself time to focus on yourself, no one else is going to do that for you. Only you can decide how you spend your time and what your priorities in life are. Make yourself a priority if you want to live a balanced life and avoid stress later on. It’s the only way to live.

Doing More for Yourself Reduces Your Stress Levels

When you find time for yourself, you will realise that you don’t need to feel stressed out all the time. It’s usually when you’re focusing on things that are external that you feel stressed and pressured. When you take time to reevaluate and focus on your own needs, you can really reduce those stress levels and make everything easier and calmer for yourself. Stress levels have a physical as well as a mental impact so shouldn’t be ignored or simply be “put up” with.

Time to Yourself Helps You Process Things

Simply having time alone in which you can think things through can be a big help to you in life generally. It’s so often the case that people are so busy rushing through life that they barely ever have a moment to themselves. When you have a little time to yourself, you will start to process things much better and find clarity. I finished a mindfulness diploma in January 2018 and it has really changed the way that I choose to process things. Look up mindful living!

Everyone Deserves a Treat or Indulgence From Time to Time

Doing more for yourself sometimes means treating yourself, and that’s not something you need to feel guilty about. Unfortunately, some people do feel guilty when buying jewellery for themselves or treats like that. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to things that you like and want as long as you can afford it and are in control of it. Indulge yourself from time to time. A new book, some perfume; whatever tickles your fancy.

You’ll Burn Yourself Out if You’re Too Focused on Everyone Else’s Needs

Burning the candle at both ends means one thing… you are going to end up burning your bum! When you’re always rushing around doing your best for other people, whether that’s your partner at home or your boss at work, you inevitably get tired. If you keep that kind of lifestyle up for too long, you will end up getting burnt out to the point at which you just snap and can’t take it anymore. There’s nothing to be gained by pushing yourself that far. 

Don’t think that being kind to others is a no go, far from it, however, there’s too much at stake for you not to pay attention to yourself. You will only suffer long-term if you don’t prioritise doing more for yourself over doing everything for everyone else.

I’ve fallen foul of pretty much every pitfall life can throw at you when it comes to not prioritising yourself and have learned many lessons. Don’t travel the same hard route if you don’t need to; prioritise yourself!

Five-Star Breaks are Worth the Cost

five-star breaks

We all work hard for our leisure time, so when it comes to booking a break, it’s worth investing a few extra pounds for a memorable five-star experience. If you want more from your money than a basic hotel in Benidorm, then it’s worth considering a five-star break. Five-star luxury isn’t just for the rich and famous – you can get great deals online, and once you’re there, you’ll be glad you invested a little extra. So, what’s so great about going five-star? What you get will obviously vary from hotel to hotel, but here’s why I think going for a luxury break is more than worth it.

Great Five-Star Locations

Most five-star hotels offer great locations. Whether it’s a beachfront spot in Greece or the cityscapes of New York, the position will have been chosen to attract your custom. Holiday companies know that you’ll expect more from a five-star break, so they want to give it to you, from the stunning ocean views down to the thread count on the bedding. Repeat custom is the lifeblood of the holiday industry.

Stylish Interiors

Five-star properties have interiors that are a cut above the rest. A lot of thought and money has been invested in the design of these elegant hotels and they want their guests to feel special – so you can expect spacious lobbies, sumptuous sofas, sleek bars and beautifully finished guest rooms. Guest rooms will usually have boutique-style en-suite bathrooms with large showers or shower/bath combinations. You’ll often find high-end toiletries, as well as fluffy robes and towels, to make your stay an indulgent, fabulous experience.

Spectacular Pools

Pools at luxury hotels are usually dotted elegantly around the grounds, with well-thought-out interconnecting walkways with bridges, grassy verges and great views. The pools will be lined by sun loungers, day beds, and if you’re lucky will incorporate swim-up pool bars – the ultimate in holiday indulgence. Some may offer infinity pools, which gives the illusion the pool merges into the landscape or sea beyond – perfect for all those selfies…

High Levels of Service

When you stay at a five-star hotel, the standards of service should be impeccable. They are trained to ensure you have a fantastic stay and will usually offer high levels of friendly, personal care. Expect attention to detail, too, such as a daily bed turndown service, towels replenished daily…sometimes even shaped into impressive swans or other decorative designs. You may even find little welcome gifts, tea, coffee, chocolates on your pillow, and much more, depending on which hotel you stay at.

Family Facilities

You don’t have to leave luxury behind once you have kids, either. Many five-star hotels welcome children and have excellent facilities for kids’ clubs, babysitting services and entertainment. Some hotels offer family-friendly pools as well as child-free pools, so everyone staying in the resort can experience the type of holiday they want. The family suites at luxury hotels are often more spacious and welcoming, too, with ample room for everyone, interconnecting doors and other features that will make your stay a pleasant one.

Five-Star Entertainment

After a day of pampering, sunbathing and fine dining you can retire to your room or enjoy plenty of in-hour entertainment. For example, five-star Sensatori hotels offer a full and varied programme of evening entertainment including live acts, professional shows and more, so you’ll never be bored. You may also find there are daytime activities to take part in such as quizzes, aqua aerobics or cooking classes.


If you want to make the most of your holiday and really take time for yourself, go for a hotel with an on-site spa. Hotel spas usually offer a range of indulgent treatments from massage and aromatherapy to hot-stone treatments and facials. You can pay for these services locally and it’s often advisable to book the day you arrive as they can be very popular in high-season. You may even find you can take part in yoga and fitness classes during your stay.

Sophisticated Dining

When you go five-star you should expect five-star dining, too. Depending on your location you’ll be able to indulge in sumptuous buffets, a-la-carte options and take your pick of mouthwatering national and international cuisine. Many hotels offer themed or specialty restaurants offering Italian, Asian fusion and Mexican cuisine.

Many five-star hotels also offer All Inclusive options that can be a great way to save money, because virtually everything is paid for in the upfront price of your holiday. It may seem like you’re paying more initially, but when you consider most all-inclusive packages include all your locally produced drinks, main meals and lots of entertainment it’s definitely a cost-effective way to enjoy luxury for less.