How to Feel Younger

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My Dad has a saying: You have to grow old, you don’t have to grow up. A wise man, my Father! There are times though when you feel the clock is moving just a little bit too fast and wanting to reclaim some of your lost youthfulness is not a bad thing. 

Sometimes, we’re all guilty of feeling a little tired and sluggish, or wishing we could catch up on all those missed hours of sleep, but our busy lives mean that we’ve got more chance of winning the lottery, right? It seems that just a few years ago, we could go out all night and be bright and breezy for work for 9am, no problem! Now, I struggle to make it past 9pm some evenings.

Feeling tired and looking a little worse for wear is perfectly normal. The idea of looking a million dollars every single day is just exhausting and not achievable. But, if you’re worried that your tiredness is beginning to show, and you’re wondering how you can look and feel a little younger – and by that we mean have more energy – then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some handy tips of how to look and feel younger.

Get More Moisture

You might have the best eye cream on the market, that’s full of vitamins and hydrating properties however you sometimes need to go back to basics. You need to get more moisture into your skin to keep it looking smooth, hydrated and healthy. It’s the only way to get that gorgeously natural glow we’re all so desperate to achieve. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is key and a decadent moisturiser that’s applied day and night will certainly help. Just make sure you exfoliate so it has a chance to soak into your skin and work its magic. This is something I’m terrible at, staying hydrated.

Increase Your Exercise to Feel Younger

Sorry to break it to you but exercise really will make you look and feel younger. Why? Because exercise gets the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing which make your skin look smoother and more radiant. Exercise also improves your posture making you look younger and more confident and because exercise helps to reduce stress, it might mean fewer grey hairs. When you maintain your muscles and a healthy body weight, it means that your skin won’t start to sag, and your body fat will be in check which will, of course, give you a confidence boost too.

Have More Sex

I’m not blushing. You’re blushing! Seriously though, research has indicated that having sex 2-3 times a week will keep you looking and feeling younger, it naturally releases growth hormones and endorphins – it’s great for boosting your confidence and your relationship as well. So, get your partner involved!


Get Whiter Teeth

Teeth become yellow and discoloured as we age, so keeping those pearly whites, pearly white is a sure fire way to keep yourself looking younger. The first step? Get yourself to your dentist and get a good clean and polish. Keeping on top of your dental hygiene and looking after your teeth is the most basic step toward a whiter smile. If you’re still unhappy, then look at getting your teeth whitened professionally. Always have this done at a dental practice though that way you know it’s safe and you’ll get the results you want. We’re lucky that our local dental surgery is able to fit us in as in some areas finding a place with a dentist isn’t as easy as it may sound.

In Summary

If you want to feel younger you need to look after yourself from both within and without. Yes, you can feel younger with whiter teeth and maybe dyed hair, however, laughter, fun and enjoyment are key elements to the stay young recipe too.


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