Marketing E-Learning Products For Profit

Marketing E-Learning Products For Profit

Is it possible to make money marketing e-learning products? Yes, it is! With more and more people eager to learn online, have you ever thought about using your wisdom, experience, expertise, and knowledge to earn more? I know many people who have added marketing e-learning products to their business model or have made courses their entire business.

Is There a Market Still For E-learning Products

E-learning products are very sought-after, with web users spending around 80% of their time online seeking out information. If you have expertise in a specific area, or you have experience through work or another side hustle, you could capitalise on the growth of e-learning by creating and selling products. If you have a background in marketing, or you’ve successfully developed a very lucrative blog, for example, you could monetise your skills by helping and educating others through products like webinars, guides, and ebooks. 

Marketing E-learning Products: Getting Started

There are several ways to market products in this day and age. The infographic below focuses on using browser push notifications to promote e-learning products. As you can see from the graphic, using tailored campaigns can dramatically improve lead conversion rates and encourage people to take an interest in the products and services you’re offering.

The vast majority of notifications are shared via Google Chrome, with the highest click rates linked to guides and toolkits, webinars, and ebooks. As well as using notifications to advertise specific products, you can also use this marketing technique to share news, offer incentives, and urge users to explore products that are similar to those they have already purchased or rated. 

Marketing E-learning Products: Quality Over Quantity

If done correctly, marketing e-learning products and by that I mean quality courses and resources can be great for your brand and your turnover. I follow a number of business people who make money marketing e-learning products, who advertise them via podcasts and blog posts and I have bought into these courses (after doing my due diligence). Not only can you make money by producing e-learning courses, but you can also take advantage of this information age and learn a thing or two as well.

Infographic Produced By The Power of eLearning Industry’s Push Notifications Infographic 2019 Edition