Jenny Craig Update

As anyone who read my other Jenny Craig posts will know, my first week on JC was fabulous! I lost 3lb, felt wonderful, was motivated, never hungry, and very optimistic about the future and losing weight.

My second week resulted in staying the same which I was pleased with as it was my “bad” week. At the end of my second week I had another chat with my lovely consultant, yet this was a something of a bitter-sweet one. My Jenny Craig journey, short and sweet as it was had come to an end. I was initially given a two week trial and had hoped (and still hope) that the powers that be will allow me to extend this trail. This would give me a chance to see how I get on longer term and to explain the longer implications of being on Jenny Craig with regards to losing weight and keeping it off to you lovely lot.

Despite my consultant giving me some great handy hints for working on my goal alone I have already put the three pound on I lost and found another one. This just goes to show that Jenny Craig isn’t just about having food sent to you; it is the on-going process of gradually identifying the reasons for weight gain and of changing habits. I believe that if I were to do JC for longer that I would be able to do this but clearly two weeks isn’t enough.

Fingers crossed my trial will get extended! I would definitely take this on myself it weren’t for the fact that I have recently moved, bought oodles of furniture and not bought a single Xmas present yet.

One lovely lady who is using Jenny Craig long-term (and doing amazingly!) is Becky;  her blog and her journey so far are well worth following.

To Jenny Craig… thank you for the opportunity to trial and share my first experiences of your fab programme with my readers. You know where I am if you want me to find out and report more! 🙂

Jenny Craig – First Week Results

After a week on Jenny Craig I have lost 3lb! A grand start and one I’m thrilled with.

This was just week one so I expected a loss however never expected more than a pound, two at most as I’ve eaten like a horse. I have had three very filling meals a day made up from the JC foods I was sent, fruit, vegetables, salad and additional ingredients such as assorted fats, starches and proteins (yes, I have been allowed cheese – real cheese!). I have enjoyed numerous snacks from JC, milk based snacks such as yogurts and of course fruit. I haven’t had to give up my coffee either so really this feels so far like a new way of eating but not a diet.

I talked with my consultant yesterday after weigh in and found it useful to talk over how I felt I’d done and make plans for the next week. So, after my first week I am happy to say that on first impressions, Jenny Craig seems like it could work for me, and I can see why so many people have enjoyed their JC journey and I look forward to seeing what the scales say next week.