Jenny Craig – First Week Results

After a week on Jenny Craig I have lost 3lb! A grand start and one I’m thrilled with.

This was just week one so I expected a loss however never expected more than a pound, two at most as I’ve eaten like a horse. I have had three very filling meals a day made up from the JC foods I was sent, fruit, vegetables, salad and additional ingredients such as assorted fats, starches and proteins (yes, I have been allowed cheese – real cheese!). I have enjoyed numerous snacks from JC, milk based snacks such as yogurts and of course fruit. I haven’t had to give up my coffee either so really this feels so far like a new way of eating but not a diet.

I talked with my consultant yesterday after weigh in and found it useful to talk over how I felt I’d done and make plans for the next week. So, after my first week I am happy to say that on first impressions, Jenny Craig seems like it could work for me, and I can see why so many people have enjoyed their JC journey and I look forward to seeing what the scales say next week.