10 Reasons To Landscape The Garden

10 Reasons To Landscape The Garden

?The sun is shining at long last and if there is one thing that the Spring weather encourages, it’s gardening. Getting out into the garden after a long winter is a big job. There’s often a lot of cleanups and clearing out involved, washing of paving and replanting to do again. Some people go beyond the general seasonal cleanup, though, as they decide that the best thing that they can do is landscape the garden.

Landscaping is so much more than weeding. It’s finding the right pattern and layout for your garden and it’s all about making the space the prettiest possible. It should be functional, easy to maintain and it should reflect the beauty of the rest of the house, too. It is wise to choose materials that are sustainable, affordable and well researched, and you should be able to find what you need at either local garden stores, or places like Tilhill Forestry.

 You deserve to have a home that looks great, which is why investing in landscaping is the smartest idea you could have. With this in mind, here are all the reasons that you need to invest in landscaping for your garden this season.

  1. Landscape The Garden -Enjoy Being Outside

    It’s so much easier to enjoy your garden and being outside if it looks and functions beautifully. There’s nothing quite like being in a well-kept yard that you can sit and eat in, enjoy playtime with the kids and even just sunbathing. If you have the decking completed and you have a space for grass, you’ll find that you’re more able to relax in your space. Given that the sun is finally coming out, this is exactly what you want.

  2. For The Kids

    Children deserve somewhere safe and appealing to play close to home. This is a great reason to get your garden landscaped the right way. Right now, the world is in a range of different lockdown measures so getting to the park isn’t always possible. If you know that your children have somewhere to play that’s safe you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor space too. Being outside is good for everyone’s physical and mental health. Having a landscaped garden makes this easier than ever.

  3. Injury Prevention

     A garden that has been well maintained with proper lawn care is one that prevents injury for any who use it. You’ll be able to walk through it without any brambles or nettles stinging you, and you won’t be getting caught up in any long weeds that make you fall over. The same can be said for broken cobbles and stones. These can cause foot and ankle injuries and any broken-up fences with nails sticking out of them are a tetanus risk. You want to know that your garden is going to be safe and landscaping can do it.

  4. Landscape The Garden to Keep it Alive

    A dying garden is an ugly one. It shouldn’t be overgrown and covered in weeds, and the plants shouldn’t be choking each other. Your garden should be well laid out for function and form, and it should be alive with healthy plants, too. You want your garden to breathe and create, and if you have flowers and veggies planted throughout, you’re going to liven it up.

  5. Inviting Guests Over

    Here in the UK, we can finally have people over (outside). The last thing we want to present to friends and family is an overgrown and ugly garden. Inviting guests over is about having a great and memorable time, not cringing over the mess in your outdoor space.

  6. The View

    If your home is in a good location (and let’s be honest, even if it’s not), you want to be able to look out of the windows and enjoy the view! You don’t want to look down on a messy, ugly and half-dead garden. If you do prefer to look at it that way, then there’s no point in learning why you should landscape.

  7. Plants Live Longer

    A well-maintained garden means that the flowers and veggies that you have planted will last for longer. The lawn will last you for longer, too, with the grass seed being nurtured properly. If you choose to landscape the garden, you could just maintain the plants hanging or in plant pots. They will last so much longer when you actually take the time to spend on it.

  8. Curb Appeal

    Selling your house will be so much easier when you actually spend some time and money on the garden. The landscaping alone is going to work to add value to the house, because of the money you will be  spending on it. The curb appeal increases, too, and it’s much harder to list and sell a house that will be judged on the exterior. Why? Well, ugly, messy and mismatched gardens don’t sell a home. You have to make your house attractive, and that’s what landscaping can do.

  9. Neighbourhood Pride

    If you are living in a nice and tidy community, you want to be a part of that community. This means taking some pride in your landscaping and it’s unfair to the locals if you don’t. No one wants to see an unkempt yard covered in junk – so don’t make yours the same. Investing a little time and money into making your garden look tidy keeps the neighbourhood watch happy and you too.

  10. It’s Natural Therapy

    A decent garden, even a small one is essential if you want to have a space in the house to just relax and be. It’s also considered to be therapeutic to just maintain your garden. You can remove yourself from the four walls of the house and really enjoy yourself outside especially with a barbecue and a well-placed sun lounger.

When you landscape your garden why not choose to create a zen garden? Something relaxing, perhaps with a trickling water feature? Your landscaping will change the look of the house and your outdoor area for good. It’s worth putting some proper thought and planning into the process.


Things That Could Stop Your Renovations Going Ahead

Things That Could Stop Your Renovations Going Ahead

Eager to renovate your home? Before you get started, it could be important to make a few checks to make sure that your project is legal and feasible. Below are some of the big things that could stop your renovations going ahead – including how to check for them and what you may be able to do to work around them. 

Local Restrictions

Some areas of the UK – including national parks and areas of outstanding beauty – have strict laws in place prohibiting certain developments in order to preserve the natural beauty of the area. In other cases, towns or neighbourhoods may have conservation rules in place to protect the identity and heritage.

If you think that you live in such an area, it’s worth seeking planning permission before making any renovations. Extensions and noticeable exterior improvements that are carried out without permission could result in costly fines and you’ll usually be forced to stop work and tear them down. Interior improvements are unlikely to be affected by these rules – if you need extra space in your home, consider whether converting a loft, garage or cupboard under the stairs is a viable option.

Things That Could Stop Your Renovations Going Ahead: Protected Building Features

Some buildings are protected, which means you may be limited as to what renovations you can make (both to the exterior and interior). Most buildings constructed before 1850 are ‘listed buildings’ and may have such restrictions – this could be something to consider if you live in an old house. Other buildings may be seen to have architectural significance and may also carry development restrictions. 

Seek out planning permission if you think your home could be affected. In some cases, you may still be able to make extensions and conversion providing that no original features are destroyed (and providing that any new features fit the architectural style). 

Disturbance to Wildlife

Renovations can sometimes be banned if they have a negative impact on local wildlife. An attic or barn that is home to bats may be protected. Trees may also be protected if they are home to birds.

If you have bats in your home, it’s worth carrying out a bat survey using services found at sites such as batsurveys.co.uk. If you’re thinking of removing a tree, you may have to hire a certified arborist to assess it first. In some cases, it may be possible to relocate wildlife safely in order to carry out renovations, however, this may not always be the case.

Neighbour objections

Neighbours can sometimes object to renovations. This is particularly the case if an improvement infringes on privacy, blocks out sunlight or affects views. Some neighbours may even object to renovations simply on the grounds of noise. 

It’s a good idea to always check with your neighbours before carrying out any renovations. If you think neighbours are objecting unfairly, you may be able to appeal to your local planning committee. Generally, if an improvement does not go against planning regulations and is not being contested by multiple neighbours, a planning committee will vote in your favour and allow your improvement to go ahead. This post at self-build.co.uk discusses more about neighbour objections. 

Things That Could Stop Your Renovations Going Ahead -Unplanned costs

Poor budgeting is a common roadblock. You may find that you’re able to get started on the renovation if you don’t have to pay the money all upfront, however once the money runs out, any labourers you have hired are within their rights to stop working. This could result in a half-finished renovation.

Once you have a detailed plan of all the costs, consider whether you are able to realistically fund the whole project. Budget for 10% more than you need – this will cover any unplanned costs such as last minute adjustments, disruptions due to weather or increases in energy bills during renovation.