Adding Style To Your Room With A Rug

Adding Style To Your Room With A Rug

When it comes to adding personality and style to your home it is the little things that matter. A rug is something which can add a wealth of character and warmth into the room in which it is placed; this is something which is highly beneficial, especially in rooms which do not have carpeted floors. We are looking to add rugs to our home to protect the floor but more in order to add an additional layer of colour, design and comfort.

When it comes to purchasing a rug for your home, you will be met with a whole host of different options. It is advisable that you shop online so that you can view all the choices in their entirety in order to find the best one for you. There are several things that you should consider in order to ensure that you can find the best rug for the room in question. The first thing you should do however before you begin to search is to decide upon a budget. After all, when considering the wealth of options that are available, this means there are great differences in the price range on offer too. 

The next thing you need to consider is the type of rug you are going to buy with regards to feel. Rugs add a great deal of comfort and snugness to the room in which they are placed. You have the traditional carpet style rugs, but then there are also hand knotted, fur and other textured rugs. This is also something which is to do with style as well. After all, for example, a hand knotted rug is something which has a lot going on and thus is best suited to a room which is simplistic.

The next thing that you need to think about is the style of the rug which you buy. This is something which depends on personal preference as well as the style of your room at present. Flooring plays a big role here. If you have the likes of Amtico flooring, you will need to make sure your rugs compliment it. First and foremost, you should decide on whether you want a patterned rug and what style of pattern you’d like to go for; there are antique and quaint rugs, alternatively, there are modern and sleek options. You should make sure the choice you make is reflective of the room style in question.

Remember, when picking colours you need to ensure you select an option which enhances the room. Go for something which is contrasting to the furniture and is matching to other fabric elements, such as your curtains. If your room is relatively plain in style, then a rug presents you with the perfect opportunity to inject some colour.

Now THIS is my kind of rug. We just need to find a newer property to move to in order to make it work!

A final thing which you need to think about is the size of the rug. Of course, first and foremost you need to measure the space in the room in question and ensure that the rug fits into the space. You also need to consider the size of the rug with regards to the proportion of the room. After all, if you end up going for something which is too big for example, then you can end up making the room in question looking too cluttered and confused. Moreover, if you go for a rug which is too small then it can end up looking out of place. Therefore, it is vital that you envisage the rug and measure everything out before you proceed to buy.

I have posted before about us considering a house move and part of that is to enjoy spaces with more light and versatility in terms of design and colour (we always tend to go for old houses which of course are packed with character but this time I think we’re going to be looking for a blank canvas and something much newer. Somewhere we can put down funky rugs and put up geeky artwork that works for us. Are you a rug fan?


Top Tips for Home Renovation

home renovation

You’re hearing a lot from me about home renovation and interiors because it’s a big thing for us right now. The house we live in at the moment is great, it has what we need but it isn’t The One. We’ve been somewhat torn between doing this house up (it’s conveniently placed and we really don’t want to move right now) or biting the bullet and moving. It could take forever to find what we’re looking for though so we’re going to take what doesn’t excite us about this house, both aesthetically and from a practical point of view, and we’re going to change it.

If like us you want to start doing more for yourself and embark on a home renovation project, these points to consider are a good place to start.

Know What You Want

First of all, you need to know what it is that you really want. Sometimes, it’s really easy to visualise yourself in your ‘dream home’ but can you see the specifics of what it looks like? Do you know what kind of decor you want and want sort of home it is? If so you have a better imagination than me. I have a wealth of ideas about what I like and what I don’t but really need to put it together to form some sort of consistent look and feel.

Create Home Renovation Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a great platform for discovering interior design ideas. I have one or two Pinterest boards set to secret as well as a few open ones, all dedicated to homes and houses, kitchens, offices and so on. I think I need to start pulling my favourites into one master board to see what we’re really looking at, to check Roy and I are on the same page and to start proactively planning.

Focus On Action

It’s not enough to just think and dream. This is where I fall short. Once we’ve nailed the planning stage we need to set SMART goals, to put dates and deadlines on the calendar and we need to focus on action. Basically, if we don’t get started, we’ll never finish and be happy with our living space.

Allocate Your Budget Well

This part we are good at. Having a realistic budget is what ensures that the project will get done. How you allocate your budget is up to you. If you want to put money into features like stunning splashbacks or even an entirely new kitchen, that’s fine, as long as you have the money for it. Watching home renovation and decoration shows have also taught me to always have a little extra in the budget that isn’t allocated to a specific spend. This is the money you’ll use when you go over budget (it happens).

Staying Positive

This is something I need to remind myself of. I hate clutter, mess and mayhem and you know that once we get started there will be plenty of all three! I will have to compromise on something I want thanks to the budget and I might have a wobble here and there over colours, textures and style too. If I (and you if you’re embarking on a similar project) can stay positive and upbeat it will make the whole process much easier and I’m pretty sure we’ll enjoy being in our dream home all the more for it.

Do you have any top tips for taking on a home renovation?

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