If you had £1000… my dream in is interior design, how would spent it?

Sorry, but this isn’t a giveaway, competition or link to an e-book that will show you how to earn £1k in three simple steps.

(I wonder how many will stop reading now?)

No- it’s a “What if” post. Being of a somewhat nosy nature, I’m curious what you would spend £1000 on if it dropped into your lap today.

The rules of this virtual windfall are as follows:

  • No spending on the kids (because lets face it – that’s where it usually goes!)
  • No paying bills (as above!)
  • You have two virtual weeks to spend it or lose it so no saving for a rainy day!

It’s not as easy as it sounds actually, deciding what to spend £1k on when anything other than the kids or bills seems a bit frivolous! However, if I need to spend it then I think I know what I’d do with it. You see, I’m a closet interior designer, closest mainly because I haven’t the dosh to be anything else! I love the “Home” programmes on TV, from Escape to The Country, and of course Relocation, Relocation where you can have a nosy around other people’s houses to home makeover shows (thank gawd for Sky and Sky+).

Given £1k and being let loose on this house would be like a dream come true. It’s a lovely house as it it but it could be so much more. I have three bedrooms, our room, Taylor’s room and Kieran’s room. Taylor’s Room is newly done out so nothing needs really doing there.

Kieran’s Room needs a lick of paint and a new bookcase, and perhaps some funky storage.

Our Room needs, everything! It’s tiny, and seems to be the house storage room – I’d love to do it out and have a proper room that feels restful and cosy!

The Kitchen was painted not too long ago but needs so new appliances with a more countrified feel I think, creams, spotty green oilcloth on the table, new chair pads (I’m having an Emma Bridgewater moment).

I’ve always wanted a proper outside seating area, a love chair or similar where I may enjoy some sun or curl up with a book on an evening in peace and quiet. I’m looking for something special though, something like these rustic log furniture pieces.

The Living Room. A lovely room with a fireplace, mid oak desk, lots of cream & white and a touch of duck egg blue . It’s basically a blank canvas and whilst I like the neutral feel, it really needs some character (and probably some more colour!). Oh I’d have some fun in there!

When I’d finished titivating my rooms, buying items from big and small retailers alike (I like big retailers for the discounts you get but some of the smaller businesses, like many of those I see through Twitter and the like, have such unique and gorgeous items, not to mention stellar customer service!). I would replace (assuming there was any cash left!) things like towels (for big soft ones that have colours other than muted and strangely grey) and tea-towels!

Clearly this is just off the top of my head and not something I have thought/ day dreamed about at all! So what would you do with your imaginary £1k – please comment and let me know!