Fat Club #4! Egg-white Omelettes

And the winner of the Slimmer Of The Century Award goes to………….

Ok not yet – but I am rather pleased with myself. Another 1.5lb off. That’s a loss of 8.5lb in 3weeks

Week 1– 5lb off

Week 2 – 2lb off (7lb total – so half a stone which meant I got a shiny number 7 sticker!)

Week 3 – 1.5lb off

Next week I want to lose at least 1.5lb as 1.5lb off will take me to my next target – having lost 5% of my weight. That’s a good first goal!

This week my saving grace has been egg white omlettes. Egg white is point free (though any oil you use to cook with isn’t remember!) and whipped up makes pretty much the same consistency omelette as a full egg does and tastes lovely. It’s be a majorly hectic week and when you’re busy you tend to “grab” something to eat and don’t always choose most sensibly but an egg-white omlette is quick, filling and low on points so you can play about more with fillings, accompaniments and puds!

*Don’t waste the yolks – I add milk and a full egg to mine and Roy uses that for scrambled egg or an omelette of his own.

My favourite fillings for the omelettes this week have been extra light soft cheese & chives with chopped wafer thin ham and for a real cheesy sticky treat, a low cal (processed) cheese slice with lots of mushrooms!

I hope everyone else has had a good week – and if anyone has any recipes or quick fixes like my egg-white omelette they want to share- please do!! The more to choose from, the easier it is to stay motivated!

Fat Club 2

Well, after a week of playing with the new system, tweaking menus, stalking the aisles at Tesco with the points wheel (don’t worry I’ve now bought a dinky calculator!) I have returned for my first weigh in.

After a week I have lost………… 5lb, taking me down to 13st 9lb. To say I’m pleased is an understatement, but I’m focussed… can’t get complacent now and often the second week is harder than the first so eyes down and being sensible.

For me, this isn’t a diet, but a new way of eating. No point losing it to put it back on is there? So I’m setting a mini challenge to myself. At the moment I eat very little fruit so I am challenging myself to do the 5 a day challenge (fruit only – I already eat enough veg to sink a battleship!). Lets see if I can do it without too much whining.

Does anyone have any pain-free ideas for increasing the amount of fruit in my diet?

Right off to point up everything in my kitchen cupboards with the new calculator which the novelty holds!!

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