Fat Club 2

Well, after a week of playing with the new system, tweaking menus, stalking the aisles at Tesco with the points wheel (don’t worry I’ve now bought a dinky calculator!) I have returned for my first weigh in.

After a week I have lost………… 5lb, taking me down to 13st 9lb. To say I’m pleased is an understatement, but I’m focussed… can’t get complacent now and often the second week is harder than the first so eyes down and being sensible.

For me, this isn’t a diet, but a new way of eating. No point losing it to put it back on is there? So I’m setting a mini challenge to myself. At the moment I eat very little fruit so I am challenging myself to do the 5 a day challenge (fruit only – I already eat enough veg to sink a battleship!). Lets see if I can do it without too much¬†whining.

Does anyone have any pain-free ideas for increasing the amount of fruit in my diet?

Right off to point up everything in my kitchen cupboards with the new calculator which the novelty holds!!