Improve Employee Wellness

Improve Employee Wellness

Taking good care of your staff is very important if you want to build a successful company. Employee wellness affects so many different aspects of your business, from productivity and turnover to company culture, reputation, and ROI. To support and improve employee wellness, these five ideas should give you lots to think about.

Improve Employee Wellness: Remain Flexible

Inflexible shifts and micromanaged teams can negatively impact employee wellness. Research from Thrive Global found that ‘employees who were given more control over their workdays self-reported several positive benefits to their mental well-being.’ There are many ways to provide flexibility for your staff, including flexible shifts, options to work from home, and creating autonomous teams.

Wellness Resources

To improve employee wellness, it can be helpful to offer resources. A few of the leading wellness software options include:

Wellable: With this company wellness tool, you can help your staff to focus on various areas of their wellbeing. Options of focus include financial health, emotional health, social, physical, and mental health.

Unmind: This is a mental health tool designed for small businesses. Using this content, employees can work on various mental health aspects, whether sleep, health, fulfilment, happiness, or connection. With the right support tools, your staff will improve their mental health.

Consider Corporate Social Responsibility When Looking to Improve Employee Wellness

Corporate Social Responsibility is a practice that supports companies to understand their impact on wider society. The idea is to make a positive impact on society, whether economically, socially, or environmentally. To improve your CSR practices, it’s advisable to focus on helping the environment. You could do this by supporting certain charities or adopting sustainable practices. 

Besides this, cycling to work should be encouraged, along with improving your recycling and waste policies. Giving back to society will have positive repercussions on employee wellness and company culture. With improved CSR practices, you’ll also boost your reputation.

Improve Employee Wellness: Provide mental health-themed training 

According to the CDC, ‘More than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime.’ To support your staff and maintain productivity, it’s useful to offer some form of mental health training. Workshops might cover areas such as recognizing mental health symptoms; adopting appropriate coping strategies; knowing where to get help; and supporting co-workers.

Offer feedback & support

Strive to offer your staff consistent feedback and support them develop within their roles. If you want your staff to feel engaged, they need to feel that they have a future in the company and that their efforts are valued. Use your feedback sessions to create a development roadmap for your employees. Ask staff what their career goals are and provide support to help them meet these aspirations. As part of this, it can be useful to set up mutually beneficial mentoring programs, within your organization.

With the right wellness support, you’ll have a more creative and productive workforce. Turnover can be costly, but with happy and healthy employees, you’ll save on your business costs. Improve employee wellness to elevate your business to one that is a good employer.


Creating The Perfect Space To Work From Home

Creating The Perfect Space To Work From Home

Working from home can often be more of a challenge than you’d realise. To help you remain productive, it can be helpful to focus on your workspace. For some great ideas to inspire you with creating the perfect space to work from home, these five will get you started.

Creating The Perfect Space To Work From Home: Productivity Tools 

When you’re creating the perfect space to work from home, it’s well worth investing in a few productivity tools. You might find that working remotely means that you get distracted more easily; if so, try these time management options:

  • Toggl: With this application, you can monitor the time you’re spending on various projects and duties. There are plenty of features and data insights to help you improve your time management and boost your productivity.
  • Focus Keeper: This app uses the Pomodoro Technique to help you improve productivity and manage your time. The technique is based on working in blocks of 25 minutes, followed by short breaks of five minutes.

A Purpose-Built Space

When you’re working from home, it can be tempting to work from the sofa or from the bed! Fight the urge and create yourself a purpose-built space to help you retain productivity levels. You don’t need a whole separate room, just to clear a small space for a desk and chair. It can be nice to decorate your office space, whether that’s with artwork or ornaments. Creating an attractive workspace can help you to feel more creative and relaxed.

Creating The Perfect Space To Work From Home With an Ergonomic Workspace

Sitting on the wrong type of chair can lead to injuries and a bad back. Ensure that you choose an ergonomic chair and an ergonomic keyboard to support your body as you work. Ergonomic chairs are especially made to support the spine’s natural position, while ergonomic keyboards will prevent you from obtaining an injury from typing.

Declutter & Clean 

It’s impossible to focus with a cluttered and messy space. Make some time to get rid of any items you no longer need and give the room a deep clean. When it comes to cleaning products, it can be nice to use eco-friendly cleaners with plant-based materials. Alternatively, you might prefer DIY home remedies such as lemons or white vinegar. When you are cleaning specialist furniture, you might need to do a bit of research first, for example, finding tips to keep your antique furniture clean. Depending on the type of antique, there may be specific products that are not suitable.

Creating The Perfect Space To Work From Home: Use Natural Elements

Lastly, one really simple way to spruce up your workspace is to use plants. Indoor plants are a beautiful decorative option; what’s more, plants help lift your endorphins and get rid of toxins. If you’re looking for low-maintenance houseplants, consider purchasing orchids, snake plants, or spider plants.

Once you’ve created the right space, you’ll find that you can concentrate better and get a lot more work done! To navigate the new normal for businesses, it’s important to create a remote setup that works for you.