Business Success: Tips For Growth

Business Success: Tips For Growth

Wanting to grow your business is natural. For many, this next step is the confirmation you need to show that your idea is a business success and that you are going to make it big. Growing a business isn’t just about making more money; you also need to think carefully about the strategy you are going to use to achieve growth and that means figuring out how to meet some of the more practical demands. 

Keeping up with your business growth is essential. While growth is a great way to expand your remit and make more profit, you must ensure that you don’t grow too fast and fail as a result. Managing growth is all about pacing your business. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway!

Business Success: Tips For Growth

If you really want to grow your business these tips might be useful. Some I’ve employed already in my business, some I plan to.

Getting Value for Money

As your business grows, you will have to spend more to keep up with demand: hiring new staff, buying new equipment and increasing your use of resources all come at a cost. While your accountant will be able to help you work out your budget, established procurement consultants will be able to help you to make smart choices with your spending. 

The key thing to remember here is that spending less isn’t always the most effective way of keeping costs down. Instead, you must think in terms of value for money or return on investment. You may spend a little more in the short term but if this allows you to earn greater profit later, it might be worth the spend now. This is usually very true when it comes to buying hardware.

Ensure Business Success With Efficient Space Upgrade

Finding new business premises is a daunting task at the best of times but when you are growing, working out how much space you need to acquire is essential. This means that you need to have a good idea of how much you are going to expand and over what time period. 

If you are running an office, these averages might help you to work out how many square feet you should be looking for. However, you should also factor in the number of staff you are hoping to take on. It might be that you could use hotdesking and more flexible working to reduce the strain on the office but even then, you need to be thinking about the future growth of your business. 

Hiring New Staff For Business Success

If you want your business to expand, you will probably have to expand your staff too. Creating a diverse team is a good option as this will introduce new ideas to your business. A diverse team will also make your workplace more welcoming and open you up to a broader talent pool.

When you’re hiring new staff, it’s important to get a balance between experience and ability to learn. While someone with experience will be able to dive straight into their role and benefit the business, a fast learner with less experience may be primed to mould into your business ways. 

As your business grows, it’s important that you don’t just focus on the end goals. Growth is always a journey and you will have to make a million small decisions to get there. I’ve been running my business for a whopping thirteen years now and it has grown significantly over that time. That’s not to say that I am done growing as I believe ongoing business success depends on it.

Customer Service Tips For Businesses

Customer Service Tips For Businesses

When you’re running a business, customer loyalty and retention is everything. You might have the most fantastic product on the planet, but if you’re not providing excellent customer service- you’re not going to meet your business goals. Over the past 13 years in business, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that it’s worth taking a little more time to perfect your customer service strategies. 

Consider an Effective CRM System 

If you want to boost your customer service you’ve got to get yourself a great CRM System. CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s essentially a cloud-based software which makes it super easy to manage all of your customers in one place. For each customer (or potential customer) you’ll have a profile complete with contact details, buyer history, social media details and preferences. 

 Your team can collaborate easily on the system so that there are no missed sales opportunities. Each time that a customer contacts you, the process of interacting with them is made easier and more efficient. With a great CRM system, your customers receive a faster and more personalised service. A CRM is perfect for those looking to streamline their customer service processes and improve the user experience. Sites like ebecs can offer some great information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

 Want To Improve Customer Service? Consider a 24/7 Service 

 These days the consumer expects to reach your business 24/7 and wants fast results. The idea of an around the clock service sounds pretty demanding on you or your staff if you have one. Many businesses avoid the use of call centres because they want a more personalised service. One option is to hire a virtual receptionist or virtual assistant. A virtual receptionist works remotely and can answer your calls 24/7 around the clock. You can hire these professionals via external companies for an affordable price. A virtual receptionist will get to know the ins and outs of your business so that they know how to best represent you on the phone. 

 Some companies also like to use Chatbots to provide a 24/7 service. Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence technology that can simulate human interactions. You may have experienced them via social media, i.e. Facebook messenger. Chatbots can communicate with your customers using predetermined responses via messaging systems. While these are not exactly offering a personalised service, many customers prefer to communicate via messaging. Keeping up with the latest communication trends is great for enhancing customer service.

 Try Webinars For Enhanced User Experience 

Webinars are live online seminars between a representative of your business and an audience (typically stakeholders and customers). Many companies like to use webinars to present a new product or service. The audience has the opportunity to interact with the presenter and ask questions. With a webinar, you are offering something a little extra. Your customers will appreciate something that that goes above and beyond the FAQs on your website. You are allowing your audience to engage with you in real-time about your products and ask you questions and queries. Webinars can also do wonders for your branding. You can present your brand story and allow your customers to feel that they are getting to know you better. 


 Making use of the best business tools out there is a surefire way to enhance your customer service right way. 






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