The Wonder of Freecycle!

Guestblog for Bizziebaby 20/7/10

I recommend FC to anyone and everyone locally and otherwise. I stumbled across it several years ago and have never looked back. Basically the idea is you give away your unwanted things to members of your local community, for free, encouraging recycling and keeping items out of the landfill.
It is so simple to use too! Basically you post a “wanted” request or “offered” post. If you, for example, “wanted” a computer chair, you would ask if anyone has one, then if anyone locally does, they will email you via the site. Then, it is up to you to collect the item. The rules stipulate that the item must be free; no payment is to be offered or asked for (bonus!).
If you are “offering” an item you post a description and wait for the emails to come in. You’d be surprised what people will ask for and accept too!

I have given away loads including a freezer, fridge (which was a bit dodgy but I listed it as such and the guy who picked it up was thrilled with it as he could fix it easily), bookcase, old magazines, Slimming World books, baby & child items…. and have received a pc chair, baby and child items, homeware, a brand spanking new printer (seriously!), all given and received for nothing!

It really is an amazing case of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! If for example I wanted to get rid of my fridge & freezer, my council were going to charge me a minimum of £35 to collect and safely get rid of them, instead they were picked up by someone who could use them and were grateful for them and it saved us both a packet!

Now, you can see why its a great idea, but for those of you moving house, setting up house for the first time, having a child perhaps who is going to uni and needs essentials or a new mum to be with a list of wants and needs… is a Godsend!
Lots of people dismiss it as a faff, but seriously, it could save you a packet and really help you get rid of the clutter/unwanted items. It’s very easy to use and there is a comprehensive FAQ file to read to help you with the basic rules and FC etiquette so there is no need to be worried or apprehensive about trying something new.

Not my usual witty blog type but an important one, both environment and budget-wise.

Give it a whirl and look it up, after all, what have you got to lose? Look up your local group now!

It's all so cut-throat!

This will possibly upset some people but the whole point of a blog is to have a forum to air your thoughts and feelings and I won’t apologise for this, although I really have written about this because I am interested in other people’s opinion.

Online, offline, I constantly hear people bitching about their husbands/partners. I don’t mean the “Oh men” complaints that we all enjoy or the odd annoyance “Bloody Dave left the sodding freezer door open!”, but really venomous stuff.

“He’s absolutely useless, seriously thick as pigshit, I don’t know why I married him”
“My husband is so lazy, he does nothing around the house, never helps with the kids and just watches TV and drinks beer”
To really personal comments about how crap he is in bed, how much weight he has put on, how unattractive he is….. and these are the blog-able comments!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think for one minute that every man is helpful, respectful, intelligent and smells nice, but that said, are us women always saints? I have to wonder what many women would say if they came around the corner in Tesco to see her partner bitching to two of his work mates about how frigid she was and how the last time he had a decent lay was back in 1996 before she put all the weight on and stopped having her hair coloured monthly? I imagine locks changed and clothing in bin bags out on the lawn could be the order of the day (fair enough!)

I am well aware that I am a very lucky lady! I have a wonderfully supportive man who is kind and considerate, a hands on Dad and does his bit around the house, (he also hates sport of all kinds so is transported up to demi-god status for not putting me through the weekly horror that was the World Cup!). He is also a man though so really not a saint, can wind me up with a certain look (and knows it!), can use EVERY pan in the house making egg & toast (seriously Roy – how??) and I swear I have never known anyone so skilled at scraping paint off walls when moving furniture, but I’d cut my tongue out before I bitched about him in public, let along take part in the character assassinations I regularly hear. To be honest I’m not sure I’d be able to go home and look him in the eye if I did!?

Have we always been so willing to tear strips off each other? I know some of the people I hear pulling their other halves to pieces will swear blind they love their hubbys and I believe genuinely mean it- so why the nastiness?

Again I am not for one minute saying that all men are great and women are bitches or that every relationship is the same, because it isn’t but it really has become not so much a bug bear but a source of real sadness to hear it all so regularly. Am I too old fashioned, believing in respecting your partner, (both men & women, because it swings both ways fellas!) or am I being naive and it’s always been this way? Maybe so, but I’d like to hear what other people have to say on this? Will go and get my riot gear on, just in case….!

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