Innocent Fears

Poor Kieran! We had different before-school conversation this morning.

Mummy I’m sad and happy about baby Taylor coming“.
(Ahh we expected some anxiety, my Csection is booked for the 23rd Nov so the new addition will be here soon).

Why Sweetheart?”

Because I’m happy he is going to be my brother and in our Cawood family but sad because “the children” said the Dr is going to cut your tummy open with a stick to get him out and you will be all poorly and hurt“.

Poor fella, he isn’t easily upset or rattled usually but has been off for a few days, I have to wonder if this has been festering a bit in the back of his 4yr old mind. Lots of cuddles this morning so hopefully he isn’t so worried now. I expected concern about there being another child in the family & the change in routine, as well as Mummy being in hospital for a while but not this as he has always accepted the simple “Mummy goes into hospital, the dr helps Taylor come out, then Mummy & Taylor come home” explanation. He seems to now have some definite ideas about blood and cuts and Mummy being very ill &  hurt but seemed much happier going into school this morning.

Kids eh, they could break your heart sometimes!

REVIEW: Findus – Fresher Taste Meals.

I am not, strictly speaking, a big fan of ready meals, boil in the bags or processed foods. I prefer to cook everything from scratch and find ready meals in general to be high in fat, salt, preservatives and to be honest, taste a bit crap!
When I heard Findus were looking for people to review their newest range, Fresher Tastes, I had a quick nosy at their website and was intrigued! These certainly didn’t look like the “normal” ready meals and seeing as I’m 1) nearly 36wks pregnant, and 2) Will be leaving hubby & Kieran for not one, but two spells in hospital shortly, I thought there would be no harm in trying these out as although Roy can cook up a storm when he is in the mood, I would rather he didn’t do it unsupervised!

The first meal I tried out was:

Tender Chicken Breast in a Vintage Cheddar and Bacon Sauce with a side of buttery broccoli, green beans and peas. 
This meal is designed to be cooked from frozen (bonus!), the food comes in two pouches for microwave or oven cooking and are very simple to prepare. We went for microwave cooking, and I was pleased to find it wasn’t one of those “put this pouch in for this this time, then this for this time, then shake them both and if they are not congealed yet, shake and put both back in for a further 4 minutes” type of meals. Quick slit, throw them both in, 8 mins (for my microwave) and away. Cooked to perfection and ready to go….. easy!
It says on the box that it is a complete meal, and for many I would agree, but I am a hungry Mama so added a couple of new potatoes on the side just to add a little extra. 
Despite the veggies being advertise as being buttery they weren’t swimming in it, there was just enough to coat and flavour them, and the chicken was REAL chicken, not that rubbery rubbish I detest so must, and the sauce… well if you had told me it was freshly made in a pan, I wouldn’t have argued with you!

Delicious, definitely fresh, and very important in my house, quick, easy and convenient!
Nutritionally balanced, and for me, certainly something I would have in come January for myself for when I return to slimming, as well as to have in for fresh and convenient meals when I am not around to save on washing up / food poisoning (lol – sorry Roy!), these are a godsend.

I have also to date had the Wild Pacific Pink Salmon in white wine sauce with asparagus, potatoes, beans and carrots and found this to be of an equally high standard. The inclusion of the potato in this meal made it that bit more filling and even I, with my huge appetite was content. There are other meals in the range, that some beggar keeps getting to before me in my poorly restocked Tescos (grrr) , but I do expect these to be just as high quality and fab tasting as those I have already trialled.

So, my verdict- I love them and both my fussy fellas (spoilt!) enjoyed them too, despite them being dreaded “ready meals” lol, and these will definitely be appearing on my shopping list again.

**I bought mine from Tesco, although they should be available in all good supermarkets, and it is worth mentioning that they are currently on offer, or were yesterday in my local, at just £1.99 each so do pick a couple up to try.

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