Language of Thieves by Elizabeth Jackson

Rather than jump straight in and do another book review I though this time I’d do things a bit differently.

I’m going to start by reviewing the author! Elizabeth Jackson, is a self diagnosed Twitter addict, a retired psychotherapist, half gypsy and has the most wicked sense of humour! I “met” Liz online (on Twitter obviously) a few months ago, having realised we lived only a few streets away from each other. When Liz told me she would be signing copies of her book, Language of Thieves, at the local bookshop I knew straight away I wanted to go. At this point I was more interested in meeting the good lady in person than the actual book (sorry Liz!). Lets face it it, if she was as much fun in real life as she was online, we’d have a hoot. And we did!

This is me with the lovely Elizabeth Jackson, shortly before I knocked a glassful of orange over her - but we'll not talk about that (clumsy sod I am!).

The event was a great success and having met Liz I couldn’t wait to see if her lively personality came through in her writing. I wasn’t disappointed.

What might seem at first glance as another story of love and intrigue (to be fair they are common themes), is in fact a fantastically well written book brimming with deep undercurrents that weave together to create the type of book you don’t want to put down yet can’t bear to finish.

Based in North Yorkshire where Liz has lived all her life we follow the story of Daisy Lamiter, the resident traveller girl and those she loves, fears and despises. Her story begins in 1949 in Appleby, Westmorland at the popular Appleby Fair where travellers would come from miles away to trade horses and other goods. When two cultures collide, those of the travellers and the Gorgios (non-travellers), Daisy is set upon a path from which there is no return… and that’s all I’m going to tell you.

Being half gypsy herself, Elizabeth has a unique perspective that comes out in this book. I am sad indeed to have finished and I am eagerly awaiting her second book.

Language of Thieves is a fantastic read, and you can read more about it and buy it from Amazon. Treat yourself this Christmas, you won’t regret it.

*I haven’t been asked to review this book but have written this brief account because reading it is something I thoroughly enjoyed and because I hope other people will read this write up and try the book themselves. Thanks to Elizabeth Jackson for letting me “borrow” the mug-shot of us both.