Diamond Painting: A New Mindful Crafting Hobby

Diamond Painting: A New Mindful Crafting Hobby

Diamond painting is the latest craft phenomenon, but what is it, and how do you do it? Use this handy guide to answer all your questions so that you can get started.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is the art of placing tiny pieces of resin onto a waxed chart. You can make stunning pictures, and it is very fashionable right now. 

Diamond painting kits contain everything you need to complete your design. There are endless pictures to choose from; anything from animals to fairies to flowers, you’re sure to find something you love.

How Do I Do It?

  1. First, you peel back the plastic covering the area you want to work on.
  2. Then, you dip the nib of the pen into the block of adhesive and use the tool to pick up one of the resin pieces. 
  3. Gently place the resin piece in the appropriate place on the canvas (it will be printed with squares labelled by colour).
  4. Nudge it firmly with the end of the tool to ensure it has stuck down.
  5. Pick up another piece and add that to the design too.
  6. Keep going.

Why Do Diamond Painting?

  • It’s fun! 
  • It’s easy and very cheap; the kits cost hardly anything, and just one kit will last you a long time. 
  • Diamond painting is also calming, relaxing and is great for mindfulness. It takes you out of the hectic day-to-day stresses and gives you a little oasis of peace. Great for your mental health and managing stress!
  • Everyone should have something creative to do, and diamond painting is another option to try. Being creative has proven benefits for your health, and this is so much fun you’ll have a blast doing it.
  • You’ll have something beautiful to hang up in your home or give as a gift afterwards. Definitely an achievement.

Who Is It For?

Everyone! It’s an easy enough concept for even children to get, you just have to watch the tiny pieces. If you have really young kids there are kids’ kits available, or you can go for mosaic art instead, which is a similar concept. Mosaic art even comes in stick-on kits, so there won’t even be any mess for Mum or Dad to deal with.

Diamond painting is excellent for teenagers. There are designs for everyone, from lots of fantasy or space kits, animals and much more. If they love the vans at places like Manchester Van Sales why not get them a van-themed diamond painting to do?

For adults (like me) it offers an easy, fun and mindful activity that appeals to the creative side and helps you let go of the day’s stress.

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Ostara London: Catherine Phillips Artist

Catherine Phillips of Ostara London is an abstract painter and video artist. Having recently moved home I have been given the unique opportunity to look around the internet with fresh eyes, with a new mission and a new perspective.

The basis of my research has been around interiors and design, namely looking at ways to add colour, design and style to my happy new house to make it a unique looking and feeling home for us. It has been during my digital travels I have stumbled across Catherine and her artwork, which excites me, calms me and inspires me.

Ostara London, Firebird, Catherine Phillips
Firebird – Acrylic on canvas

Catherine’s work has been featured everywhere from Putney Library to Notting Hill, and thanks to the magic of the internet, may be viewed from the comfort of your sofa. You may even buy some of her pieces to enjoy in your own home.

To be honest I’ve always been put off buying “real” art in the past because I assumed that it would be too expensive however I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Browsing Catherine’s online shop and galleries I’ve realised that her pieces are very affordable, amazing considering the time and expertise that has no doubt gone into each one.

Given that I have little or no artist talent in the traditional sense (I was told at school that everyone should take an artist subject but that in my case they should probably make an exception) I do have a keen appreciation for those who do, and Catherine has talent in spades.

Ostara London, A hazy shade of winter, Catherine PhillipsWhether you visit Catherine’s Ostara London gallery, shop and blog website to buy a picture or even greeting cards, or just to have a nosy you will no doubt find yourself lost in her galleries, enjoying the pieces as much as I have.

Art is just an emotive thing, isn’t it? Some of the pieces I’ve seen on Catherine’s website have make me stop, think, feel and appreciate. I just love the way that a piece of art can mean anything to anyone and that you may interpret each piece any way.

Gosh, look at me! Before you know it I’ll be inspired to frame some of my stick men drawings ?

As always, I’m keen to use my blog as a platform to share the work of individuals and small business who don’t perhaps have the budget the big businesses and corporations do. Even better, it’s great to see the face behind something you buy, particularly something that has been created by hand. Yes, folks, these artists are real people! Catherine for example not only (let’s face it) kicks ass when it comes to creating artwork but she also loves cats and practices tae kwon do.

If you are looking for something unique for Christmas or a birthday gift, either something Catherine has already created or perhaps a bespoke creation or for your own home I can’t think of a better place to start than on the Ostara London online shop. If you have any questions of Catherine you may catch her on Twitter or over on Instagram (I love her Instagram account).

Ostara London, Catherine Phillips