GuestPost: The Dangers of Crash Dieting by Angela from LoveLivingWell!

In the first of several guest-posts coming up over the next few week, I am very happy to include this great post on crash-dieting by Angela Shepherd from Love Living Well.

Last week I watched the first in a new series on Channel 4 called Will My Crash Diet Kill Me. It annoyed me so much I felt I had to have a bit of a rant about it! For those of you who didn’t see the programme, three overweight women were put onto well-known very low calorie diets – the Cambridge, the Cabbage Soup and the Maple Syrup – and their weight loss monitored over a period of weeks. The programme appeared to conclude that crash dieting was an effective way to lose weight, which I thought was irresponsible at best and downright dangerous at worst.

Most nutritionists believe that crash dieting is a really unhealthy way to lose weight. Apart from their extremely low calorie content, which leaves people lacking in energy, crash diets tend to exclude important food groups such as carbohydrates, fats and dairy which are all vital to good health. Granted, most people who follow a crash diet will lose weight fairly quickly, but in nearly all cases the weight creeps back on as soon as they come off the diet and return to their previous bad habits; so after a while they’ll probably crash diet again. This so-called ‘yo-yo’ dieting carries serious health risks such as liver problems, muscle loss and compromised immune function, to name but a few. Many yo-yo dieters ultimately end up more overweight than they were in the first place. I thought it was quite telling that Angelica, who was following the Cabbage Soup Diet on the programme, drank a whole bottle of wine on the first day she came off her diet. I’m guessing she could probably lose weight just by giving up the booze for a while!

The best way to slim down is to follow a sensible, healthy eating plan that includes all food groups. A good rate at which to lose weight that stays off is around two pounds a week. Exercising will help you to achieve your goal more quickly. Deep down we all know that weight loss is simply a case of using up more calories than we take in, but many people are always looking for a miracle quick-fix. Guess what? They don’t exist. Even people who have gastric bands fitted often end up putting weight back on after a while. If you are overweight you need to change your eating habits for life. Simples!

What really annoyed me more than anything was the content of the Cambridge Weight Loss plan, which can be as little as 415 calories a day. This is madness! On the programme a lovely girl called Nicola was put onto this regime. It soon became apparent that her diet ‘counsellor’ hadn’t warned her before starting the plan that she’d have no energy to exercise (which Nicola loved to do) and that other possible side effects might include hair loss, nausea, dizziness and feeling cold! I did worry that people would think Herbalife advocated a similar type of diet, so please be assured that Herbalife’s weight loss programmes contain excellent nutrition and you can have one ‘proper’ meal each day, with no food groups excluded. Most people report that they have bags more energy than they ever have, and there’s definitely no flatulence, constipation, nausea, bad breath, dizziness, diarrhoea or bloating!

Will crash dieting kill you? Not in the same way as being run over by a bus. But it is really bad for your health, so don’t do it. Oh, and don’t get me started on ITV’s The Biggest Loser!

To read more about Angela, her views and about her Herbalife business you can look her up / contact her using:

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REVIEW N86- Camera phone (Nokia)

As you know, I am not a geek (meant in a nice way… !), and can find my way around most things pretty ok though it makes sense for me to buy appliances and gadgets that do the job without too many distracting bells and whistles! Finding products in this technology-led age we live in without too much “detail” packed in can be difficult but this handset ticks all the boxes for me. Simple, smooth and does the job!

One of my New Year “intentions” is to take more photos. Not just posed, in the house ones but to do a better job of capturing our lives out and about, and of course recording and sharing our gorgeous North Yorkshire scenery! As a Mum I tend to lug about an enormous amount of well crap around so for me it is a good idea to reduce the bulk and have a phone with a camera that will do the job.

Paul at Womworld suggested I give the Nokia N86 a go, as the camera is a good one!

On opening up the box and lifting out the phone my first thought was “This is heavy!” – ok not heavy as in you’d need a week in the gym to enable you to lug it around, but more substantial than my current phone. This is not a bad thing!

The first thing I tested out, although this more a camera review than anything else, were the “usual” functions, and I was impressed. As well as the usual text, call, email etc this phone is packed with features to help you keep organised (definitely a plus point for a busy Mum or Dad!).

So.. the breakdown.

  • This is a substantial phone, not too heavy but certainly not flimsy like some I have had.
  • A slide phone – I much prefer slides or clam-type phone to permanently “open” ones.
  • Buttons – real buttons, no touchscreen in sight! (I worry about the day the touchscreen takes over from proper keys altogether as I just can’t get on with touchscreen!)
  • Easy take! Often things happen very quickly when out and about and by the time you’ve fumbled in the bag and got your tradition camera out and switched on, the moment has passed. With this phone it’s a case of sliding the camera lens cover open and pressing a button.
  • It is very easy to sort, store and tag your photos. In the past I have been terrible at organising my pics – but no more. I like to have things labelled and in the right place and this is very easy to do on the phone, and transfer to your pc.
  • PC transfer – very easy! You can connect your phone via USB for fast download.
  • Sharing – it is very quick and easy to send your pics on via message or email (if you have this set up), or you can sign up online to share (Nokia Ovi).
  • Photography features include panoramic pictures (my kitchen never looked so big lol),  autofocus (great for wriggly subject matter!), fast shutter, a timer and much more. It is basically everything you would want from a separate camera, wrapped up in a convenient bundle.

And the quality….

I think that speaks for itself – don’t you?

As a Mum & Blogger – I sincerely hope this camera is one of the options I have come upgrade time because for what I would use it for – it’s perfect!


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