Pregnant or just nuts?

Twice in the last week I’ve had to question my own sanity lol.

Last Tuesday, I sat listening to Hubby and Kieran telling me repeatedly how hungry they were while awaiting the Asda delivery. I had booked for 4-6pm and I kid you not, Mother Hubbard had nothing on my echoey cupboards! Usually they come around 4.30pm so when it got to 6.15pm I was hopping mad! Waiting for the laptop to fire up so I could get my order number etc before ringing them I said to Roy, “I can see why Wednesday slots are cheaper.. they turn up when they bloody like!”.
“Nicki, It’s Tuesday”.

Bugger! Off to Tesco then for something for tea!


On Sunday, I spent ten full minutes ranting and raving about people not messing with the washing / putting things away, just ranting generally as I couldn’t find my comfy maternity jeans. It was only after the full ten minutes that Kieran (who remember is 4!) said:
“Oh Mummy, you are silly! They are on your legs!”. Yup I was already wearing them.


So is this baby brain (in the extreme) or have I finally just lost the plot? What did the infamous baby brain have you doing/not doing? Come on, own up… it’ll help me no end as it’ll prove it’s not JUST me lol!

Moving on: The Wonder That Is An NCT Nearly New Sale!

Ok, so last week didn’t go to plan lol!
I went from “normal” pregnancy with homebirth plans to being diagnosed with gestation diabetes (GD) and facing a potentially very controlled /heavily monitored birth, possibly a c-section.
Not quite what I had in mind but I’ve had my sulk, cry and footstamp so time to move on, and get sorted for this little monkey’s arrival, especially has I now have a few weeks less than planned!

So…. yesterday, was our local NCT Nearly New Sale. Gawd I love these things! Basically a hall jam packed with ridiculous bargains, from buggies, cots, sterilisers and safety gates, to baby bedding, unopened packs of nappies, clothes for all sizes, toys and games for all ages…. the list goes on and on!!
The idea is, sellers get their stuff together, label and prepare everything as per the seller instructions on the website, drop everything off on the morning, leave, and then the hoards arrive. I kid you not – I have never seen queues so long!! You go on in, (usually 50p each entrance), are given a huge shopper bag, and it’s on! Grab a bargain girls! When you have scoured everything twice, you join the queue for the line of tills, pay and off you go with your bags of treasure, happy that you have saved a fortune!

I brought home a load of John Lewis cellular blankets (barely used if at all), cot sheets and pram sheets for pennies, jigsaws and some learning games for Kieran (half term is looming!), some unopened school tshirts (yes we’ll be having those!), a gorgeous soft swaddle blanket from Gap and some other bits and piece for the grand price of………….. £13. I estimate, going on my extensive knowledge of the horrendously high prices of baby items, that the whole lot would have cost me approx £80 elsewhere. Happy bunny? Hell yes!

So, that was a good start and helped me tick many more bits and pieces off the “left to get” list, without breaking the bank.
Make sure you get yourself on the website, check out when and where your next nearest event is (you can search by postcode), and get yourself along. The NCT website has a lot of information on what they do, what they stand for, and what services they offer pregnant mums/dads and families so it’s worth a gander.

Now, having been such a frugal Mummy yesterday, I get to reward myself by getting everything washed and arranged in the nursery – hooray 🙂

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