3 Fab Funny Men Flying High at 35,000 Feet! (Comic Relief)

What have Dara O’Briain, Jack Whitehall and Jon Richardson all got in common (other than the fact they are world class comedians!)? Well hopefully a head for heights, because on the 12th of March these three fab funny men will  will be teaming up with  British Airways & Guinness World Records, to hopefully set the record for the ‘Highest Stand-Up Comedy Gig in the World’ in aid of Comic Relief!

The whole event is part of a bigger ongoing campaign, run by British Airways, called Flying Start, which is aimed at transforming the lives of disadvantaged children at home and abroad. Definitely the kind of event that should be at the forefront of Red Nose Day! fundraising!

I’d love to be there to see that! If you’d like a chance to be one of the 75 lucky people flying over the UK on what promises to be one of the most chuckle-worthy two and a half hours of stand-up comedy imaginable, you can text ‘Fly1’ to 70300 or visit the facebook page to enter the competition and read the full terms and conditions.

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Announcing…. The Precious Parcels RELAUNCH!!!!!

The Original PreciousParcels Site

Anyone who knows me, has ever visited my Facebook page or had the misfortune to listen to my mad ramblings on twitter knows that I am a HUGE fan of PreciousParcels! Set up in October 2008 after the birth of her son George, Natalie has taken what started as a few handmade items on Ebay and transformed it into an award-winning business supplying her handmade gifts and treats around the UK and Ireland.

With PP going extremely well, and the wholesale side, which she set up last year, going from strength to strength, Natalie has finally got to a place where she really wanted to be. For a while now she has wanted to set up an emporium of sorts, showcasing other handmade items enabling the customer to choose from a wider variety of items, alongside preciousparcels.

So- Without further ado I introduce the new and exciting…… preciousparcels!

The New and Very Exciting PreciousParcels Site!

Being the big child that I am, I could barely contain myself on first viewing the site (and much of that feeling hasn’t yet faded!) but I have managed to put my adult head back on just long enough to show you my four favourites from the new range:

These fantastic baking kits, for both boys are girls are great as a treat or as a unique gift. I can see them being a firm favourite for people looking for something different for birthday party presents!

How insanely cute are these blocks? Blue or pink and fully personalised, a beautiful addition to any nursery,baby hamper or as a gift to a new baby.

A variation of the baking kits, these gardening kits come with everything you need for a fun afternoon out in the sun!

And my personal favourite… this absolutely luscious tooth fairy cushions are absolutely gorgeous, a great gift/keepsake and it makes the toothfairy’s job that much easier – after all, you couldn’t fly by these cushions and not notice them could you?

These are just a few of the new products on offer so get yourself over there to view the full range!

To be kept up to date with news and offers, you can find PreciousParcels on twitter, facebook and can sign up for the newsletter here.

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