The Summer Reading Challenge

Last year Kieran signed up to the Summer Reading Challenge, a scheme run by libraries across the UK to boost literacy in a fun way over the school summer holidays.
He LOVED it!

The challenge entailed reading six different books over the the course of the summer and for each book logged there was a sticker (a scratch and sniff stick no less) to stick onto a circus model that they were given and a medal was given at the end. The certificate can be held back and sent to the schools so that they are given out in assembly when the kids go back. Kieran was SO proud to have Mrs Y call his name to go up and collect his. There were free bookmarks, free vouchers for taking DVDs or audio books out of the library and activity sessions with art, craft and storytelling running at individual libraries.
It was a HUGE success.

Kieran 2011 Summer Reading Challenge

That was last year, and this year looks set to be even better! There are new characters in the StoryLab to get to know, a story to finish which can be entered into a competition and much more. Visit the Story Lab website for full details and for fun games, activities and even a tool that will recommend books. We are thrilled that the library service offers this great scheme each year to encourage youngsters to continue reading out of school and while Kieran takes out six books a week to read he only puts one of those towards the challenge so it lasts until back to school time.

If you haven’t heard about it before now or want to know more do look it up.
Fun, education and free, you can’t beat that for a summer holiday activity!

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  1. I love these reading challenges. Our local library gives out forms for the children to list 10 books read (or read to them) over the summer and if they’ve completed a list they gat free entry into an ice-cream party in a local park at the end of August.

    1. What a fantastic idea! Schemes like these are great for encouraging readers who perhaps aren’t very confident and wouldn’t read outside of the school term and is also there for keen readers.

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