Next Jeans for the Short of Leg and Large of Bum

Next Lift And Shape Boot Cut Jeans £42

I don’t do skirts and I don’t do dresses either. The last dress I wore was for my wedding day in 2003. I do however do jeans.

I live in jeans to be honest. I feel good in jeans and can dress them up or down. I love jeans!

What I don’t love is how much of a pain in the backside it is to find a pair of jeans that don’t cost £100 and will fit a size 16 with a small waist, big hips, a comfortable *cough* bottom and short legs. To be honest, it is a blinking nightmare.

From personal experience I have always found Next jeans to be by far the best fitting ones, and the ones that wash the best. When I was pregnant with Taylor (the youngest) I adored their over the bump jeans as they looked and felt great. Now however I am in need of some new jeans as mine all have that “I have been worn to death look” which comes with wearing them out through constant wear over a number of years.

I think I might treat myself to these Lift & Shape jeans. Ok, they are £42 so not exactly a budget piece but a good pair of jeans make me feel good and like I said, I can wear them for casual occasions / everyday or can dress them up when needed.

So tell me, what do you consider the staple, can’t manage without item in your wardrobe? Clearly jeans are at the top of my list!

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