Yorkshire Farm Shop Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes (Review)

As you may have seen from my Twitter stream or my Facebook, last week I decided to try a new service. This service is being offered by a friend of mine and her husband and comes in the form of a local fresh fruit and veg delivery box scheme.

I have used a veg box scheme before and always loved the quality and convenience of having fresh and organic produce delivered to my door. I stopped getting one last year (I forgot to order, then we had a week of being out more than in, then I forgot…. and I got out of the habit), so when I heard the Yorkshire Farm Shop would be delivering nearby I was keen to give them a go and restart.


Large Fruit Box (£15)

I have not been disappointed! My first order was for an extra large mixed veg box which contained a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and they have been delicious! I’ve placed another order this week and am looking forward to receiving it. On top of the fruit and vegetables, Yorkshire Farm Shop offer to deliver a range of top quality and locally sourced diary products, including milk, cheese, butter and eggs (the butter is to die for, stock up on your crackers!).

I also received a large fruit box (£15 worth) and was asked to review the quality, freshness and taste (whether good or bad) to help Victoria and Adrian fine-tune their service if needed. They don’t need to. The whole family has enjoyed tucking into juicy fruits (the mango was just divine), salad and vegetables and we will definitely be continuing to order each week. Luckily for us, and anyone else who orders regularly, the fourth box is FREE which is a great way to reward customer loyalty and a huge bonus for us.

This is a new venture that has already proven to be very popular (well done both of you!) and one which I am confident will go from strength to strength.
I am a keen supporter of local business and am really pleased to see Victoria and Adrian already covering parts of York, Leeds, Thirsk and Northallerton amongst other areas. If you want to know more about typical box contents, prices and availability then email info@yorkshirefarmshop.co.uk or call 07795 663 770. Similarly you can reach out to the Yorkshire Farm Shop on Facebook or Twitter. The website is “in progress” and soon to be updated so make sure you bookmark it.

When it comes to buying vegetables from the supermarket I have been constantly disappointed with the freshness, the taste (or lack of) and how long fruit and vegetables last. With a fruit and vegetable box I can plan my week’s meals, I don’t need to “pop” to the shops for a top up (which always seems to cost £20 when I go?) and can be confident in the knowledge that I am feeding my family top quality, delicious and healthy food.

So, for us the Yorkshire Farm Shop deliveries get a huge thumbs up, so if you are living in Yorkshire and want to know more get in touch.


*This is a review. I received a £15 box of fruit and was asked to review it. This review is based purely on the findings of my family and I and Yorkshire Farm Shop have have no input in the content of this post. 

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