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Click to enlarge

First of all I must say that I know I need a new handbag, this one is battered and out of shape, and just hideous! Does anyone have a personal connection with Orla Kiely? No? That’s a shame!

If you tipped your bag out onto the table right now, what would be in it? I’m quite impressed with my emptying actually, usually it’s full of scraps of paper and a variety of weird and wonderful things. Perhaps the fact I’ve been going out with the changing bag more recently than my handbag could account for the semi-grown up look it still has!

So, what have we got?

2 nappies and a half used pack of wipes. Well those speak for themselves really.

8 paracetamol & codeine, not because I have noisy kids (!) but because bright light, like that ball of fire-y stuff in the sky that has made some startling appearances of late, can give me headaches. Headaches make me narky. So it’s safer all round if I can nip one in the bud before it really takes hold.

Sansa MP3 Player thingy. Ok, it’s not an ipod but it does the same job and when I have Taylor in the Cabi and am doing some butt-wobbling power walking-cum-buggy pushing, I can enjoy tunes such as The Real McCoy, Runaway, KD Lang, Constant Craving, Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love or some of the legendary Aretha who is giving some RESPECT! How can your day not be better listening to tunes such as these?

Fruit Flakes – Instant bribery. Or a fruity type snack.

Plasters – for scraped knees, a plaster and a magic Mummy kiss dries tears every time.

A notebook – I have a memory like a seive! I see a poster and think “That’d be a great day out”, promptly store it in that safe place in my mind, and it’s never thought about again. I also use it for ideas. We walk a lot (I don’t drive) and am a keener observer of everyday life when out and about (read as a nosy cow). Sometimes I see an exchange, an item, a scene and think… “Oooh, I could write about that!”. If it doesn’t get jotted, it gets forgotten!

A Ben10 keyring which hasn’t yet made it on my keys. Maybe later.

Cow & gate money off vouchers. Yup we are weaning. And I am tight.

My purse, full of shopping lists, receipts and moths.

Sunglasses, to avoid glare-headaches, and because they make me look cool. I think?

A badge thing for my bag which I nabbed from Natalie, the PreciousParcels owners and resident nutter. It is IN my bag because I haven’t yet worked out how to attach it. There isn’t a pin or anything Nat? Did you let me pinch it because it’s broken or am I being dim?

Suncream, because I like to think I live somewhere exotic. And I like my kids, well done, not crispy.

A bit boring really, lol! This isn’t a meme or anything like that, so no tagging – but I’m intrigued. Right now, what is in YOUR handbag? (I’m hoping some has something really┬áobscure!).

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