I am a Harveys Furniture Tester, & Have a Confession To Make…

First of all..
What is a Harvey Furniture Tester?
The lovelies from Harveys have sent a few lucky bloggers some furniture to test out and review.

Secondly I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous coffee table and lamp table.

Thirdly (the confession) I don’t like coffee tables!! I’ve never had one before but expect they are a just a dumping ground for stuff. Aren’t they? Well I thought so but it turns out I was wrong.

I was sent the gorgeous Alexis Coffee table and Alexis Lamp Table (Click to visit the Harveys site and see the specs and more product details). Now being coffee table virgins we have had to experiment to find the “right” use for it.

The “Grown Up” Coffee table
The “Work” table
The Coffee table for children

So which one did we decide was the “best look”? We didn’t – we decided a coffee table like this should be used for whatever we needed it for. I must also add though:

It looks just fine all by itself!

I must stress that I didn’t actually know what would be arriving until it arrived (oh the excitement!! Ahem) so to get two pieces like this, that fit my lounge so well was a huge bonus. Just look how the Alexis lamp table fits here…

Isn’t it gorgeous, and a perfect “cover” for the stepper machine I will be using “soon” to tone up these here legs ­čÖé

Delivery: I was called on the Monday to tell me my order would arrive on Thursday and that I would be called on Wednesday to get a time slot. Well I didn’t get a call on Wednesday but that’s ok. These things happen, and it’s how they are dealt with by a company that makes the difference. I called customer services on Thursday who apologised profusely, told me my slot was 2-5pm and when I explained I had a school run in the middle of that, they contacted the driver and ensured it would be with me either side of the school pick-up. The driver himself rang to confirm this. THAT is what I call good service!

Three burly uniformed delivery men (who were clearly camera shy as they scuttled off before I could get the camera out lol) delivered the pieces, put them where I wanted them to go & offered to unpack. I declined as I had the school run to do but wish I hadn’t as the pieces were SO well wrapped, it took 20 minutes to unwrap them!

Extremely well wrapped but no excess/wasteful plastic or boxes. Impressive.

So far so good Harveys, great products, great service.
My husband isn’t overly keen on you now because having these gorgeous pieces in my lounge has made me realise the whole lounge needs reorganising and modernising – you’ll be hearing more about this soon.
For now though….
Big thumbs up Harveys!

Harveys have a *Pay no VAT, Up to Half-Price Sale* going on at the moment so why not use the opportunity to update your home! Find out more on the Harvey website, and why not look them on Facebook or have a chat with the friendly folk on Twitter?

*Please note. I was sent these items to review. I am not being paid to supply a review, I am not being told what to write. My views are entirely my own*

Interior Design, A Crush On A Fellow Blogger & Some Mild Stalking

I have a crush on a fellow blogger. Her name is Karen and last month (was it only last month?) I stumbled across her newest blog, The White Approach. I knew Karen from Twitter and her original (and also fantastic) blog, AllAboutTheBoys.

It was The White Approach and this post specifically that re-started my resolve to get this house sorted. Browsing through the site I realised that 1) we have similar tastes and 2) my house wasn’t going to sort itself out magically.

Karen has used window film to really make the best of this hall window, letting light in and adding privacy and as soon as I saw it I knew it was exactly what I needed. Our house is streetside so every man and his dog walks past the window and tends to stop for a gander in (really!) and the back of the house is a private road but you can see straight into both our kitchen windows when the light in on, nets or nets so something had to be sorted! I didn’t want blinds as I didn’t want to lose the light. Karen suggested Purlfrost as a site to nosy at and nosy I did. A couple of days later some samples arrived.

Samples to see not only how much light the film lets in but also so I could do a "night test" to see just how much privacy my overlooked home could regain

Instantly I could see what a difference this would make to my kitchen and lounge and chose the Bloom pattern for both my windows downstairs and White Frost for ultimate privacy in my large bathroom window which faces all the gardens!!

You can see just how effective nets have been during the day, night was worse.
Night test - Roy washing up... pre-window film, you'd be able to see his stubble ­čÖé












Really, the photos don’t do the transformation justice, but I am ever so grateful that I found The White Approach, and Purlfrost. This is just one (vast) improvement I have made to my home, which has been┬árelatively┬ácheap but has made it a much nicer space to be a family in.

Assuming there isn’t a restraining order, I continue to stalk/look to the White Approach for inspiration and will let you know how I get on. There are big plans for Cawood Castle, a revamped bathroom, spruced up kitchen and more. Maybe when I get the house sorted, I’ll start on the garden – but that is most definitely a post for another day!

Bathroom with net (Yuck)
You can see how easy it is to be seen!
What a difference, clean & private!