I need my own work space!

I work from home full time. I used to have a lovely shiny office upstairs but I traded it for a nursery for my youngest son (he’s worth it!). What this has left me with is a homeless laptop.

Currently I am using my husband’s desk in the living room. This is fine up to a point but there is no storage, and it’s not MINE! I spend hours on Pinterest browsing and repinning dream work spaces (no really – have a look!). The problem being there isn’t a suitable space for me to work. The only alcove left has a tv and the gubbins in it. Roy wants to get a wall mounted TV but I’m having a panic about the cost of that seeing as I would need (NEED) to have cables completely invisible.

What to do folks? For now I think I’m going to have to continue browsing and hope a knight in shining home organisation will knock on the door. In the meantime I want to hear or even better see your work space. ┬áPost me a link to your space, tweet me a pic, invite me for tea so I can come and play in your work area!

Looking forward to seeing where you all work!

The Interior Design Bug!

Since falling madly in love with Karen from the White Approach (and AllAboutTheBoys), I’ve been on a bit of a mission to modernise and redesign my home. So far so good. At the moment my main focus is downstairs. If you read my previous post about this you’ll see I’d already started by putting decorative window film in and what a difference!!

The design spurt took a bit of a back seat but my reason stint as a Harvey’s Furniture tester (read here) has changed that and much to Roy’s dismay (every time he comes home something has moved :p ), I’m back on the ball. Now I do not have a DIY SOS budget so it’s a case of little by little but it’s amazing what little changes can make to a room!

I love the new Alexis coffee and lamp table from Harveys, the colour lifts the room but it also had the unfortunate effect of making me realise that other items need updating. The biggie was the desk!

A lovely old desk, great storage.. but sadly now past it’s best and the wrong colour.

Ideally we’d have got a new desk from the Alexis range but they didn’t do one so it was a case of finding one that matched! We came up trumps at Argos funny enough with this very simple desk. Roy used some spare wood and the runners etc from the old desk to make a keyboard and mouse section and we’ve fitted it in into the alcove. WHAT a difference! The room looks neater, and definitely bigger!

Next up, my mantle piece. The lovely Karen sent me this lovely piece for a focal point and my next challenge will be scouring the car boots and charity shops for unique bits and pieces that take my eye to “build” a mantle that looks much more interesting and less scarily symmetrical than this one does now.

At some point I need a new more neutral suite (burnt orange can limit how you dress a room lol), though finding a 3 seater and a 1 seater, rather than a 3+2 or a 3 piece suite isn’t easy, and also a new TV unit that will fit in with the rest of the room. Then some new art and this room is done. It’s amazing how simple additions and changes can make a room look completely different (thank you Karen & Harveys!). For too long it’s been a functional room, but bit by bit I’m going to turn it into one that reflects us more as a family and really have it as a room we want to show off.

And then (shh don’t tell Roy..), the KITCHEN!