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Exhibitions can quickly sort the professional businesses from the disorganized and fly-by-nights. In fact, if you make a bad impression at a business exhibition, it can severely impact your company’s potential to succeed in the coming year. The good news is that you can easily excel at business exhibitions raising your business profile, gather new leads, and cement your place among the leaders in your field. Just keep reading to find out how. 

Excel at Business Exhibitions: Set Your Goals 

Like any action you take concerning your business, you mustn’t step foot inside the exhibition hall without clear goals—these need to include why you are there and what you want to achieve. 

Such goals are particularly useful for two critical reasons. The first is that they ensure your exhibition experience stays as focused as possible. While the second is that many businesses now use these goals to judge their return on investment. 

After all, setting up an eyecatching stand can be a costly affair. In particular, be sure to consider things such as what you will do with your stand. That is, whether it will be primarily a display space, whether you will include some interactive features, or in some cases, whether you will sell products directly to consumers there. 

Additionally, be sure to consider what the message you want visitors to take away with them is, as well as the promotions you will use before, during, and after to maximize the amount of custom you can. This is a tried and tested way to excel at business exhibitions.

Have a Plan of Attack 

Once you have defined your exhibition visit goals, you can come up with a more detailed plan of attack. Primarily this means devising strategy(s) that will help you meet each of your goals rather than just leaving things to chance and hoping for the best. Sadly, this is a mistake that many exhibition newbies make! 

Remember, too, that an exhibition provides you with unprecedented face to face access to people. Folks that make up your primary demographic. This means that it’s not just a chance to collect leads, but also to learn, specifically, about what you can improve in terms of your product and your customers’ experience – something that can be hugely valuable for your company’s future success. 

Excel at Business Exhibitions: Budgets

Again, just like any other activity you plan for your business, an exhibition visit should have a budget. You will, of course, have to factor in the cost of your stand plot, rental of the stand itself, as well as any fees for decor or tech that you need to hire. 

Be aware that the best locations are the ones by the entrance and foremost stage tend to cost the most. Therefore it is essential to calculate whether they are worth the investment in terms of your ROI

You can do some things to keep your costs down, though, especially if you plan on attending exhibitions regularly in the future. The first of these is to invest in your own stall and display boards so you won’t have to lease these each time. The other benefit you will get by doing this is that you can set up things before you arrive at the exhibition venue. Something that will give you a lot more time to create a professional look. 

Additionally, you may wish to purchase your own wide format printer, allowing you to print your own graphics, posters, banners, and signage. All of which can save you money over the long term. You can even find helpful guides on choosing the best wide format printer online. Something that will make sure you choose just the right printer for your needs and ensure your budget is put to the best use possible. 

Excel at Business Exhibitions Consider the Design of Your Stand. 

Finally, to get the most out of any business exhibition, it is essential that you carefully consider your stand’s design and function. It can help to think of your stand as a microcosm of your business. That is, you want to represent everything your business does, but on a smaller scale. 


With this in mind, consistently is critical. That means if you are a business that espouses environmental friendliness, your paper products, and freebies need to be made from recycled stock. Excel at business exhibitions by being consistent!

Similarly, if professionalism and trust are an essential part of your brand, you will need more than just a wrinkled tablecloth and a vase with a single fake bloom in it to convey that to your visitors. After all, the majority of people will be judging whether your company is a viable option for them in the future, so you will want to ensure you make the best impression possible. 

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