Staying Healthy When Older

Staying Healthy When Older

I was recently commissioned by Bathing Solutions to create this piece on staying healthy when older. I’m a firm believer in promoting health and wellbeing for all ages. This blog post focuses on practical tips and adaptations which will help you and your family stay well when older.

Staying Safe At Home

Losing independence when older is a concern for many. If you are willing to make reasonable adaptations, such as considering a walk-in shower and/or a walk-bath, alongside rails where appropriate and other, smaller changes you will be proactively safeguarding your health and wellbeing at home. Changes don’t necessarily need to be major. Removing tripping hazards and generally making it easier to undertake daily routines safely will help safeguard independence for longer.

Staying Healthy When Older With Regular Exercise

Hitting a certain age doesn’t mean suddenly dropping physical activity in favour of cod liver oil and long days in your armchair. Even those who perhaps struggle to get around as easily as they once did are able to enjoy regular exercise. The key is finding the best fit for you. Whether you are looking at a regular class, sports, something at your local swimming pool or something a little different, regular exercise will boost health and is great for your social life.

Don’t Neglect Your Healthcare Routine

A large part of staying healthy when older comes down to how well you look after yourself. For example, if you have regular doctor appointments, podiatry clinics, optician appointments (etc) make sure that you devise a system that will help you to remember these. If you need to take medications regularly using some kind of reminder system, even if it is as simple as a note by the kettle or an alarm on your phone could be advantageous. I don’t qualify for the “older” title yet and even I use a pill sorter and reminder app to make sure that I take my medication regularly. 

Keeping on top of your healthcare routine is a must when prioritising staying healthy when older.

Social Lives are Important To Good Health

It is important to not underestimate the importance of your mental wellbeing. Loneliness is commonplace amongst older individuals. According to Age UK nearly a quarter of a million older folk in the UK can go a full week without speaking to someone. When you are retired and therefore no longer out and about quite as often it is easy to become isolated. 

In order to combat loneliness and safeguard your wellbeing look for social groups and activities outside of the home. This could the perfect opportunity to try something completely different, something new that you might not have considered before. Speaking to your local community care organisation, having a look at local noticeboards and even searching online are all great ways to find new ways to increase social interaction, reduce isolation and have some fun!

Staying Healthy When Older – In Conclusion

Getting older doesn’t necessarily have to be all doom and gloom, far from it. Retirement and beyond could be the beginning of a whole new and exciting chapter. Staying healthy when older, both in regards to managing your physical health and mental wellbeing, enables you to embrace the lifestyle that you have chosen to pursue. Make sure that you do prioritise this aspect of your life, and support friends and family members to do the same. 

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