Dear Friday

It has been a busy week, a hectic week in fact and I’m knackered. I was kind of hoping that you were going to play however it became evident very early on this morning that we were going to play our old game, “Who can score the most points”.

For those of you who are interested in how this panned out keep reading. Those who aren’t click the red cross in the corner but be aware…. Friday strikes at us all at some point.

+1 to Friday.
Kieran came through to my bedroom and wanted to drink some of the fresh juice I just happened to have on my bedside table. He then dropped it all over the bed. Dammit.

+1 to Friday.
Now showered and dressed Kieran somehow spilled milk all over his clothes, the table and his hair. Off for shower no 2.

+1 to Nicki.
Taylor jumped up to kiss Kieran and accidentally headbutted him in the mouth and hit his wobbly tooth. Blood everywhere (no need for clothing change #3), Taylor insisted Kieran had “lots and lots of strawberry sauce in him” and we were nearly late for school. This could have been a +1 for Friday but as the whole incident was caused by a spontaneous hug I’m claiming this one.

+1 to Nicki
For remembering that not only was it non-uniform (I only sent two texts to confirm with other parents first so this is a good one!) AND for remembering to take a tombola prize for the school fair instead of the usual 50p (robbed!).

+1 to Nicki
Kieran brought a handmade brownie home from school. Score!

+1 to Friday
I have floppy mouth boots again, must get Roy to super-glue them again. (No, I’m not tight I’m frugal).

+1 to Nicki
It is 7.10pm, Taylor is fast asleep and Kieran is tucked up in bed watching Scooby Doo and doing puzzles.

The end result… Nicki 4  – Friday 3.
Screw you Friday! See you next week for the rematch.

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