The Week That Was

What a week it has been!


Kieran has been away on a school residential and while I’m pleased to have been able to offer him the opportunity I’ve missed him terribly! Taylor has burst into tears on more than one occasion because his brother wasn’t there after school, when he called him down for breakfast, when he came out of swimming…..

Taylor wanted to go to bed at 4pm on Thursday night so that his “one more sleep” would be over more quickly and Kieran would be on his way home. They are fab lads!

Needless to say, yesterday’s reunion was a very happy one. Now I just need to find a way to recover the lost (new) wellington boots, gloves x 2, hat, flask and numerous other bits and pieces that didn’t come home with him, including (to his horror) the Pokemon cards he bought in Whitby that he thinks he left on the bus!

Tired, in need of a shower but home!
Tired, in need of a proper shower but home!


On Thursday 4th Nov I celebrated 11 years cigarette free. Giving up smoking is bloody hard. I was a fairly heavy smoker back then and it was far from easy. Several times over the years I could have reached for a cigarette but I didn’t and have no plans to ever again. One of the personal victories I’m most proud of.

There have also been some changes on the health/weight loss front. More on this on Monday after I weigh in and report back.


Work has been busy this week but then we’re in the mad run up to Christmas. In a week or so I’ll be writing about Valentine’s day!
On the upside, I managed to secure a fabulous new contract for myself which pleases me greatly. I also had to let a potential client go. Long story short my gut “kicked in” and as we couldn’t agree on a deposit (“I’m good for it” isn’t assurance enough for me) I felt it wise to walk away.

It’s important to listen to your gut sometimes.


This weekend we have a birthday disco to go to (Taylor) and if the wild wind and rain stops, a firework display to attend tonight. If not it’ll be a “watch out the window” affair with our homemade hotdogs and chocolate finger sparklers. Fingers crossed!

My Week

My week as far as this post is concerned ends today as I will need tomorrow to recover from it….

Dear Kieran
When the hamster dies no you can’t wrap him in mini bandages to make him into a mummy and no he will not be getting a proper¬†sarcophagus.
Love Mummy

Dear Bubble Wrap
It is true, you really are the gift that just keeps on giving!
Love her who enjoyed a very peaceful hour this week.

Dear Bottom
Stone award this week at Slimming World, getting scared yet? Before you know it your chubby fullness will be reduced to something rather less lardy.
Her who would like to see less of you.

Dear Parents
Running around in panic as you have lost your keys and feeling uneasy all day is terrible. You know what is good though? Being able to bribe your children with chocolate to get them to find them for you.
Love her who suspects small person mischief

Dear Teacher
I hope your strike on Tuesday gets you closer to the fair pay and pensions that you deserve, I certainly wouldn’t want the job of teaching the next generation. As the mere idea of running a birthday party with ten kids send me into a blind panic I’m sure I wouldn’t want to run a class of 32 kids.
Stay strong!
Nicki x

PS:  We are having a PJ day Рcheers!

Dear THAT Nanny from Downton Abbey
You need a good brisk bottom slap and your mouth washing out with soap.
From her who is not amused.

Dear Week
You have been a busy one, thrown me some curveballs and have generally been a bit of an ass. I’ll let you off this time but don’t do it again.
Love Me x


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