Reorganising my home

Tomorrow will be a very happy day for me.
It isn’t my birthday or our anniversary, however I already know tomorrow is going to be a good day.
Tomorrow Roy is taking the boys out for the day and is leaving me with black binbags, boxes and a burning need to declutter and reorganise the house.

My house is a three bedroomed home that was built in 1880. I love my home, I love it’s location, I loathe the lack of storage. Tomorrow’s mission is to declutter like I have never decluttered before, move and re-purpose furniture and make the house more user friendly for want of a better description.

It will be dusty, it will no doubt involve some swearing but it will be worth it! I’ve been doing bits and pieces regularly but tomorrow is the biggie. After tomorrow smaller changes will be made and things will be reviewed so here is where I am asking for your input. What are your key pieces of advice for making your home more organised? I work from home so it is doubly frustrating to spend/waste time looking for things that are needed. Do you label? Do you have one of these magical home files I keep hearing about, do you have a nifty way of doing something? Tell me more!

The declutter and reorganise quest has started but is clearly far from complete!

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    1. Good tip! Unfortunately though I am crap at putting together furniture and the like so might have the keep the fella around. (Having read this he is howling as he says I’d need a cat or something to deal with spiders

      1. my divorce helped me declutter in loads of ways, mainly my mind!!!! havin a man about can b helpful but i can deal wiv spiders mice n other things coz i leant to and i cudnt b scared infront of a 3yr old (god that 10 yrs has gone quick)

        1. This is the thing, if you have to, you have no choice but to get on with it. I loathe such things so Roy gets delegated all the good jobs 🙂
          To be fair a real good declutter and sort out will be great mentally, fresh start on Tuesday will all things shiny.

  1. Good luck! I love it after a declutter and reorganise – the place feels twice as big. Advice? Hmmmm, difficult without knowing what you’ve got but I do know about those alcoves in the lounge. Shelves up to the ceiling above the desk on one side and behind the tv on the other (the tv stand can come out a bit until you go flat-screen).

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