Over the shoulder boulder holder

Yes, the Girls need a new home.
I have always been a steel girder kinda girl as my Girls are fat and lazy and refuse to sit where they were when I was a teenager. I need a mini crane and NASA grade elastic to keep them where they should be and to fight the soul destroying gravity.

Well it seems that the Girls have decided that underwire is longer for me as I’m not comfy any more and nothing spells out snarky bitch out better than Nicki with sore boobs.
Soooo… what to do? I have worn underwired for so long I’m not sure I have a lot of faith in anything else but sure there is a bra out there that will not cost me an absolute fortune, support the Girls and continue the good fight against the downwards plunge.

I have considered sports bras even, though many I’ve looked at seem to be visible around the neckline of my t shirts? I’ve looked at hundreds, I’ve tweeted about my boob-rehoming dilemma and have a few good recommendations. As the majority of women I know do wear an over the shoulder boulder holder I thought I’d pick your brains. What do you wear? Where do you buy them?

My girls need your help!

(Also, what do you call yours? Don’t be shy – men name their junk all the time! I’m just curious / nosy. I’ve always called mine The Girls, but I know someone who refers to her ample bosom as Fred and Wilma. The Girls seems better when talking bras in Tesco than tits, although tits does have a ring to it. What do you call yours?).

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  1. Okay my lovely, since no-one else has replied to you yet, I’ll bite the bullet.
    I used to have impressive boobs (yes, they’ll always be boobs to me – they’ve never had names), and always always wore underwired. I don’t have such ample ones now, but still go for underwired. Maybe you are just not wearing the right sized upper decker flopper stopper? Personally I buy good ol’ M&S usually, or the Presence range at Debenhams are good for me too (but I know other people who say they just don’t fit them right). I love the Floozy ones from Debenhams, but think they are too big for me (must check on that actually). I just don’t seem to get the same level of support with non-wired brassieres, and always think that sports bras just look like they squish everything down (not that I have ever tried one, as I don’t do any sport, lazy so and so that I am!)
    Anyway, that’s my 2p. Go and get measured and buy some new pretty, well fitting and comfy lingerie, and feel (and look) a million dollars.
    Good luck x

  2. Ok Nicki – you need to check out Bravissimo. They are geared for us gals that need an over the shoulder boulder holder. They like girls with big cups and small cups, big backs and small backs. They even do their own string strap tops with the bra built in so your boulders can look like they are holding their own even when they aren’t.

    You can find them online and they will send you out a catalogue or you can just buy online. I used them extensively before moving to the US, and my daughter (age 21 and in the UK still ) uses them also. They make plain stuff and sexy stuff.

    Go take a look – I think you will be impressed

    Lou 🙂

    1. Bravissimo has been recommended by quite a few people. Once I get the girls professionally measured up it’ll be one of the first places I visit I think.

  3. I’d second Bravissimo – altho not from first hand experience, a good friend of mine swears by that shop. Me, I havent been blessed with sufficient boobage, sadly! They were great when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, but sadly declined when I lost weight, never to recover! No names, altho my 5 yo insists on saying ‘Boobs’ in the most comedic way, and give them a poke at the same time. nice, especially in public!

  4. 1. Get yourself measured. I did on Saturday at CybHer and discovered I was wearing the wrong size. Wearing the right size makes such a difference.

    2. If having got measured you still hate wires, try bras designed for pregnant and nursing women which give lots of support without wires. They do some quite pretty styles of these.

    Hope this helps,


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