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On Valentine’s day I received a big red box from the post-lady. At first I was a bit panicked because Roy and I don’t do Valentine’s and if he’d had a change of heart about this then I was going to have to go and buy something for him quickly. Fortunately there was no need for me to join the 14th Feb shopping madness as this box was from Warner Brothers- for me!

I’d forgotten Warner Brothers had said they were sending something out to be honest so when I realise it was a lovely surprise. Why am I mentioning this now over a month after the loved-up day? Well, I’ve only just finished the films. Roy and I watched Crazy Stupid Love on St Vals (excellent film!), my youngest sister and I watched Valentine’s Day a few days later and I’ve watched a few during those magical two and half hours when my youngest has his afternoon nap. Talk about guilty pleasure!

Sent for St Val’s but perfect for any time, which has got me thinking…. gift ideas! Roy and I have a big family. I am one of six siblings and he is one of fourm then there are inlaws and nieces and nephews, not to mention parents. Thinking up original gift ideas which aren’t going to bankrupt us isn’t the easiest task but thanks to Warner Brothers this Xmas, and possibly a few birthdays are now sorted.

I’d do a themed box of films with popcorn and chocs. Not only are these great looking presents but not hugely expensive and as you can pick up DVD’s, choc and what not over a period of time they are perfect those those sticking to a gift budget.

  • The Julia Roberts box (obviously including Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride etc). I might end up keeping this though, I am a BIG fan of Julia and more so Mr Gere.
  • An action box, perfect for brother-in-laws.
  • War film for Dad?

So, if you were going to  make a box up which theme or actor/actresses would you theme it around?

*Please be aware that I may steal any ideas posted in comments and blatantly pass them off as my own when using them for family gifts.

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