The Working Mum – the less productive edition

Yesterday I was child free for no fewer that FIVE hours, a hardcore work day and a half with lots achieved (thanks Mum, thanks primary school!).
Today looks set to be slightly different. First of all I have Taylor at home, secondly I have a veg box delivery, then three or four couriers arriving (one of which had better contain the new printer ink!), a phone call or three and a new suite being delivered.

Just your average day in the realm of the working Mum! I have furniture on top of furniture, I can’t currently get to the kettle (this is going to cause a problem at some point), I believe the house-phone is on the sofa which has a large armchair on top of it and I’m pretty sure that *ding* sound was an email from an editor wanting a new piece doing “like yesterday”.

I’m not phased by this madness, in fact this is quite tame really but seems worse because of the quiet and organised environment I enjoyed so much yesterday.
I have fallen back on my trusty to-do list to get me through everything.

  1. Don’t freak out.
  2. Don’t touch the armchair on top of the sofa, it will fall on you.
  3. Consider ringing the furniture delivery company to see if they can deliver a takeaway coffee at the same time as the suite.
  4. Assume that you gave your work mobile number to everyone due to call and forget the missing house phone.
  5. Do pieces of work x,y and z and have a coff….doh! Drink water, it is better for you.
  6. Check emails and work out how to silence the *ping* noise that sounds super loud when it is new work with a short deadline.
  7. Send invoices, this will cheer you up no end.
  8. Sod it. Do what you can, deal with the furniture people, try not to get squashed, arrange for the old suite to be picked up and do some admin that can be stopped and started as required. Today is not going to be a head down and produce millions of words types of day so don’t force it. You have already decided to work this evening while the kids are in bed.
  9. Ask neighbour to make a coffee.

Yes, as super organised and calm as I usually am (cough), it seems that I am just going to have to embrace the fact that today is not going to be the most productive type of day, stop fretting and move on.

And find some sodding coffee!!!

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  1. This sounds like my life, I currently juggle freelance life with looking after a toddler and some days you just have to accept productivity will be lacking. Enjoy your veg box though!

  2. Your to do list is also going to be my to do list from tomorrow.

    This is such a great post.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I like the “don’t freak out!” reminder because reminds me to do it when things don’t work out as planned. How old are you kids now? I hope your coping with the changes well.


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