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20 comments / Tramadol Order Online Cod

  1. I joined Pinterest and it looks lovely but to be honest when I think about it I just groan and think it will be something else to while away hours that I don’t have. I think it is fun and obviously is really inspiring but there are also massive implications of people pinning your photos and you losing ownership of them, which worries me as there is no real control over that.

    1. Ah, see that is a whole other issue I haven’t thought about. It’s not relevant to me as such as I don’t post any of my own stuff on there but very relevant for photographers etc.
      Are there no restrictions / protections in place for this sort of thing?

      And yes, it can be a wicked procrastination tool if you let it. I browse only when I have genuine free time so I can enjoy guilt free.

  2. I’ve only just recently started using Pinterest – and I have to admit – I’m hooked. Mostly I just pin pictures of shoes and handbags that I love and clothes that will probably never fit me! Oh – as well as walk-in closets (which I’ll probably never have!).
    I think it’s great as it is – no pressure to ‘keep up’ with anything – just to enjoy.

  3. I’ve been using Pinterest for quite a while now and I love it, I mainly use it for inspiration for craft projects and crafts/activities to do with the kids, but having just moved we will be thinking about decorating soon so I’m starting to pin some room and garden ideas.

    I have used it to find new blogs, but to be honest I mainly use the pictures as they are as inspiration, it’s nice to have them all gathered together.

  4. I love it. It is for me. My creative time. I think you can use it for business if you sell pretty things and have lifestyle shots for them, unlike my Green Aspirations products that are mostly stock photos on white background.
    What I really love it for is my pretty inspirational pics and quotes that I share on facebook, having them on a board makes it easier to find the one I want.

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