I need my own work space!

I work from home full time. I used to have a lovely shiny office upstairs but I traded it for a nursery for my youngest son (he’s worth it!). What this has left me with is a homeless laptop.

Currently I am using my husband’s desk in the living room. This is fine up to a point but there is no storage, and it’s not MINE! I spend hours on Pinterest browsing and repinning dream work spaces (no really – have a look!). The problem being there isn’t a suitable space for me to work. The only alcove left has a tv and the gubbins in it. Roy wants to get a wall mounted TV but I’m having a panic about the cost of that seeing as I would need (NEED) to have cables completely invisible.

What to do folks? For now I think I’m going to have to continue browsing and hope a knight in shining home organisation will knock on the door. In the meantime I want to hear or even better see your work space. Β Post me a link to your space, tweet me a pic, invite me for tea so I can come and play in your work area!

Looking forward to seeing where you all work!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean – i keep running out of space so had a massive clearout just after christmas and got a second desk to work from – got rid of a load of things i didnt need anymore due to work change.

    Still dont have enough space tho but getting more organised

    Sure you will sort something – as for TV on walls trunking comes to mind πŸ™‚

  2. I hear you! I had a lovely office space when my son moved out to work on Holiday Park. All was great, I could go upstairs to work, then close the door when people came home. And then…… son came back sooner than expected and has not moved since. Sharing a room/office space with an 18 year old is something I do wish upon anyone! It comes to something when you are in the same room and as you are talking on the phone, you get a waft of sock!! So… I am back at my dining room table, where there is not enough space/storage. I live in hope that one of my 2 children will venture away from home for more than 6 months so I can have some lovely space. Either that or I build an all purpose shed at the bottom of my garden and pray for warm sunshine days. Thank you Nicki – your blog posts always make me smile :O)

    1. Oh my teenage sock whiff? At that stage I’d be tempted to build an extension / rent an office πŸ™‚
      We had a little shed but it is only being kept up by the rubbish in it.
      Hmmm…. πŸ™‚

  3. I feel your workspaceless pain! And yes, I also spend far too long on Pinterest choosing my perfect office. And perfect wedding. And birthday party *cough* I am lusting after an old fashioned bureau type desk but I just can’t find The Perfect One. It drives me mad working from a laptop on my knee with a coffee table as a desk *grumble*

    1. Knew it wasn’t just me suffering! If I was only doing a few hours it wouldn’t be so bad but I’m not, and Roy’s desk isn’t mine, or pretty, or organised how I like it, or… well you get the gist πŸ™‚

  4. You gave up your office for the baby and you work at home – so why does the free alcove still belong to Roy? I looked at your pinterest board and some of those georgeous alcove offices would definitely fit into yours. You could protrude a bit into the room with an L-shaped desk or corner desk and storage on the wall to the left by the door. At the very least shelves above the desk you have would help. Treat yourself, it’s where you spend every day.

    1. We both gave up the office as we both used it and initially I was happy to work at the kitchen table as I wasn’t working as many hours as I do now. I use “Roy’s” desk during the day and evenings if he isn’t but really want a space of my own that I can set up exactly how I like it, leave it like that and not have to share :). We have a small Victorian terrace so not great for space.

      There are some gorgeous pins aren’t there?! Sadly this space isn’t as large as it looks and we did have a desk the other way on but it was a nightmare plus it meant having my back to the room / kids. We both need a space each. I can see us going down the TV on the chimney breast thing and then the problem is solved. Just need to buy a big wall mounted TV, get it mounted, have the cables hidden (I hate cables!) then buy a suitable desk etc…

      Which reminds me, what time is the Euro lotto on?

  5. I so feel your pain, I too gave up my office because we needed a nursery and I now work from the kitchen table, my pretty desk in the shed and my swivel chair recently went to the tip as residing in the shed accompanied by ladybugs and mice didn’t do it any good, to be honest one of the armrests was duct taped but it was the comfiest work chair I had since I started freelancing, I’ve gone through many a chair since 99!

    I vote for telly on the wall, different set top boxes craftily stashed and a small desk in that alcove, there are some lovely compact ones in Ikea, John Lewis and Habitat that I’ve eyed up at various stages. It might be an investment but it might mean that you’ll bring more money in by having a candid space for curly!

    Off to find you on Pinterest now, I love it there

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