Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear Taylor

You turn 1 year old next week. There, I acknowledged it.

We’ll discuss it no more now.

Her who is losing a baby and gaining a toddler x


Dear Kieran

Well done for designing and making your own Children in Need tshirt.

Yes you look cool.

No the spotty Pudsey ears I bought you do not look silly… honest.

No you can’t draw spots on your boots

Because I said so.

Mummy who is quite literally seeing spots!


Dear the weekend

Hooray! After a manic week I have been looking forward to you like you wouldn’t believe!

Tomorrow we will be going to a very special Xmas event at the National Railway Museum at York with Kieran (he doesn’t know!) and on Sunday I will mostly be sleeping. All day possibly.

Just so you know! x


Dear people who drag their feet paying invoices.

I’m watching you.

Be afraid!

Be VERY afraid!

Her who needs to MOT and tax the car and finish sorting Xmas! (please note the absence of a kiss here)


Dear House

Please clean yourself today. We have company tonight and, well, I can’t be bothered.


Her who is feeling really lazy!


Dear all

Have a blooming fantastic weekend

Love Nicki x


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